XML/ini converter built into SM5

I'm looking for money to pay me to write an XML/ini converter into SM5. This will be a menu option somewhere that when used, will find all the xml and ini files in a song's folder and convert them to lua files that can be loaded by SM5, and update API calls where possible. This will not be a conversion automatically applied when trying to play a song.
I'm looking for $200 (total, donate whatever it's worth to you personally) to do this, because it's probably going to take a lot of work to create initially, and occasional fixes when people report problems.

Donate directly to Stepmania using the Donate button on the main Downloads page, with a note that it's for XML to Lua conversion. shakesoda will take care of forwarding the money to me.

Things I intend to make it handle (besides basic conversion to the lua format):
Aspect ratio fixes: 640 -> SCREEN_WIDTH, x and y positioning will be changed to be relative to SCREEN_CENTER.
Conditions: Actors with conditions will be converted to show up as blanks if their conditions aren't met.
Minor API updates: ZoomToWidth -> zoomtowidth, "GetDifficulty()==4" -> "GetDifficulty()=='Difficulty_Challenge'", anything else of similar simplicity.
Music rate adjustments: Tween times that check the music rate and adjust appropriately. (probably have to make this a menu option, some actors are probably meant to sync with the music, and some aren't)
Tween overflow fixes: Some simfiles push a huge number of states onto the tween stack in their InitCommand, resulting in tween overflows that effectively destroy the actor. The converter will split the InitCommand into several smaller commands, so the tween queue doesn't overflow. (one example of this is The Medley of Kirby)

This will not be a "100% works all the time" conversion, simfiles will still need to be tested and possibly touched up a bit after being converted, but this should cover a lot of the work of conversion.

If this goes well, I'll try something similar for Edit Mode. (which I'd like to rewrite to allow editing multiple charts simultaneously, for ease of converting charts between styles and difficulties, among other ideas)

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StepMania 5 beta 4a this weekend

Mac OS X 10.10 users: an update will be available over the weekend which fixes compatibility with the OS. For all other users it will be a very minor update, mostly fixing a few small compatibility issues with simfile background animations.

StepMania 5 beta 4 released

Get it while it's hot! The download page should be updated sometime in the next day, in the meantime grab it for Windows and OS X on GitHub! Downloads below the gigantic changelog.. Grab it from the download page!

Full changelog

Short changelog in the spoiler.

Spoiler (click to view)Arbitrary Speed Mods
Customize Profile
Error Reporting

CMods adjust for song rate.
Lowercase and longer ranking names. (if theme supports it)

Edit Mode:
Swap Up/Down and Arbitrary Remap

Extra Stage: Default theme's speed mod changed to 2x.


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Fancy new site!

Hey all, I've been working on this new site for a while, and it's getting close to ready to show off.

I'm working on adding features, fixing problems and moving any content that needs it. Leave feedback!

Stuff I haven't done yet:

* Downloads page needs fixed stat tracking and some actual files
* No song database (soonish)
* SM Micro is absent
* Forums need more work. There's a lot of stuff it already does that I just need to work back into the layout. Needs a few important features still (i.e. listing latest posts)
* Forum profiles need some love
* Registration needs a captcha, I've got code here to use recaptcha.
* Need anti-spam stuff on the forums before it starts to be a problem.

I've thrown together a roadmap for the stuff I am (at least planning) working on. The list isn't exactly exhaustive, though.

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StepMania 5 beta 3 released

Alright, I've put off announcing this for long enough. StepMania 5 beta 3 is now available for Windows and Mac from here: https://github.com/stepmania/stepmania/releases/tag/SM5-beta3. Tons of bugs have been fixed since beta 2a, and it's recommended for everyone to update.

There's no complete changelog, but here's a few key points:
* A bunch of pump-related gameplay/scoring bugs have been fixed
* Fixed a bunch of crashes
* Everything is on GitHub now, and we're a lot more organized in general (this doesn't have anything to do with the program itself, no)
* XML support is available when QuirksMode=1 in Preferences.ini. This is useful for compatibility with OpenITG content and for porting stuff. It's not perfect.
* Added some Lua bindings for themes to use
* Re-added some stuff that shouldn't have been removed.

Linux binary builds are in limbo at the moment. We had a builder but we took too long to get this ready, so we'll need to try to get a hold of him again.

Finally, the download page doesn't have anything on it because I'm writing a new one which will tie directly into GitHub's releases API. Once this is done there will no longer be delays between uploading the builds and the page having them available.

Known issues can be found on the bug tracker. Please report any issues you find.

EDIT: Need to fix the news page...

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Main site updated - give feedback!

As I'm sure you've all noticed - the main site is finally updated. It doesn't have all the features of the old one and there are kinks to work out, but I think the amount of actually functional stuff is pretty similar.

SM Micro is due to come back at a later date, along with the song database, but I don't know how far out that is.

Note: the site relies on some modern CSS functionality - so it may display poorly if you use IE9 or lower, or some ancient version of FF/Chrome.

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Project repositories have been moved to GitHub

This is mostly relevant for developers, but both stepmania-site and stepmania itself have been moved to the StepMania organization on GitHub.

We will be accepting pull requests and transitioning to the bug tracker on the GitHub account (however the old one will remain open until all the bugs are cleaned out of it). As of now, the Google Code repositories are no longer in use and will no longer be updated.

Site launched (give feedback!)

The site is finally up on beta.stepmania.com! Things still aren't perfect, and I will be working on improving it as reports come in.

You can leave feedback here or in the Meta subforum and report bugs (or pull requests) over on GitHub.

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The news forum is over here if you need it!

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