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prob the most lightweight theme out there, existing only from quads and images loaded from simfiles

and also most likely the most ugly one that will be forever in beta!
I present you barebone, aka the most 3.95 theme for sm5

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Its not a bug its a FEATURE!
1.You mean add banner on musicwheel?

Use these in your "MusicWheelItem SectionCollapsed NormalPart.lua","MusicWheelItem SectionExpanded NormalPart"

local group = params.Text;
if group then
self:Load( THEME:GetPathG("Common fallback","banner") );

2.It returns a string,like 'Difficulty_Beginner'.Although Enums has value,I still perfer treat them as string.
Try this?

if GAMESTATE:IsHumanPlayer(PLAYER_1) then
if GAMESTATE:GetCurrentSteps(PLAYER_1) then
local stepmt = GAMESTATE:GetCurrentSteps(PLAYER_1):GetDifficulty()
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1) I already got to work another way with help from Kyzentun

2) it keeps saying GAMESTATE:GetCurrentSteps(PLAYER_1):GetDifficulty() = nil :<
never mind got it to work, dumb mistake on my side

thanks for the help

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Its not a bug its a FEATURE!
Ah, another simplistic theme. Just looking at the screenshots and I already love it. (No, I am not being sarcastic or joking. I am serious.) Can't wait til this comes out.

~ SpoOkyMagician
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change your font jousway that is gross
Well, to me that font looks cool, because there are no themes (dont count Simply Love, that´s Other font) that include the 8-Bit font, because youre just wanna make themes that makes computers explode or something like that, like the sigma one.
But like this type of the Themes, The Simplistic Ones, are like the Alternatives of These Big themes that Requires a Super-Mega-Ultra-Big-Contra Machine to run it.
For Example:
-the Consensual, The 100kb Theme, Is like The Debug Mode for Sm5.
-Untitle Theme (that one is from SpoOkyMagician) is like, the one i am talking about the font, just that everyone in the forum of that theme say that "This is Another Consesual Theme?" and stuff like that, because it looks the same as the Consesual theme, but that theme focus on gameplay, not Control of the Game Mechanic.

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That font is fine IMO. I don't see anything wrong with it. I still need to redo my font eventually though... I fixed the alignment recently but, the characters need work. I do like the last nightly build font though for default. I think that font should stay.

~ SpoOkyMagician
"You don't have to understand me; I'm just there!" ~ SpoOkyMagician
Reply here go get it, its at the bottom of my site with a preview video, pce

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Its not a bug its a FEATURE!