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What is Lambda? It's the default theme in StepMania 5.1, but is also available standalone. It features a clean aesthetic with bold colors that reflects modern design trends, yet still maintains a suitable level of energy for a rhythm game. Under the hood, it's also a bit more future-proof than the previous theme, with certain screens featuring more prominent use of backend Lua code to replace legacy methods of rendering particular elements.

The big thing about this theme is that it's actually rendering at 720p internally rather than 480p like previous defaults. This will break some things, but it gives us more room to work with, from a graphical standpoint, and it looks nicer on high resolution screens.

You can download it on GitHub, and as mentioned, it has replaced the existing 5.0 theme as the default of StepMania 5.1 in its source code.

Note: Version 2.0 features some major changes to the theme's appearance. If you liked the previous version better, as featured in 5.1 beta 1, you can download it here

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Big news; Lambda is now near production-ready, and is also in the StepMania source code for 5.1!
Big news; Lambda is now near production-ready, and is also in the StepMania source code for 5.1!

Congrats on this, Lirodon. I am happy to see new, original themes like this can still be made. :)

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This is such an incredible theme. Much better imho than the old default theme. Thank you for putting all the work into it as I been following it for a while now. =)
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The master (5.2) branch has also been migrated to Lambda. There are still some particular elements being worked on that are specific to this version; unlike 5.1-new, the old default has been removed entirely in favor of Lambda, given that a recent series of commits actually broke the old default and the changes in the aforementioned commits were being tested/implemented in Lambda to begin with.

It's very similiar, but there are a few twists and turns. Specifically, the edit mode menu and player options screens were both heavily rewritten.

These interfaces use a new menu infrastructure with support for submenus, as well as mouse support (yes, you can actually use your mouse and scroll wheel to navigate these screens. But of course you can use your keyboard/pad too, just like it was before).
The near-final version of Lambda is out for SM5; I've done quite a few visual tweaks and bug fixes to address user critiques and add back other things (such as ProTiming and music wheel icons).

Theming is a tricky task, so it's always good to know that people like what you're coming up with, especially for something that has to be the first thing people see when they launch the game for the first time.
damn boi, this theme look sexy.
glad there's finally a new default..
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Okay, so based on feedback by one very skilled user in particular, I've actually done some major changes to Lambda's color scheme.

compared to

Mainly toning down the color scheme, going back to more flat elements, etc. Anyone have opinions on this? I actually did realize that my original color scheme may have been a bit overbearing...

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