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It haven't completed now,I just post something that can encourage me to finish it.

Main Menu
Unfinished ScreenSelectMusic
I'm making this theme by myself now(because no one in Sigma Project can help me....they don't know how to make a theme).A lot of things are uncompleted now.
ver0.11 is only a prototype that used by Sigma Project's members.There won't have public beta versions in next three years(I think so). And it might take a looooooooog time to be finished.
Looking for help with fonts....It's hard to make.TAT

If you have some suggestion(about Main Menu,everything else is uncompleted yet),just reply me~ or
Want to help?email bzgsbgscrz@gmail ,too.~

Update 2014/2/8 ver0.12:
1.Add some animations to ScreenTitleMenu
2.Start making ScreenTitleMenu out
3.Add Pane Display texts(beta)
4.Add a metal bar to ScreenSelectMusic
5.Delete some unuseful things
6.Update some images to doubleres
7.Start making fonts(thanks to freem)

Update 2014/2/9 ver0.12b
1.blocked course modes(yoooooooooo~)
2.Some small changes
3.Researching about CodeMessageCommand

Finally Released!
Although it still has a lot of bugs.Yeah~
Cannot edit steps or play course at present.

Download and try it!
(ver 1.0)

I tagged iidx-ac noteskin with it,you can try 'beat' mode,too.(But don't expect it works fine,XD).Now I can enter the 'making' stage of theming(at least not completly 'learning').So I'll start SIGMA -LiGHT of Core-'s project immediately.

And Please read these before using:

You can get these functions(below) in this theme.

1.This system support a custom "Title image system",which auto load a image named as "title.png" in song's folder.
Example:put it like this:"X:\StepMania 5\Songs\Hatsune Miku Project Beats 01\Kagamine Rin-Iroha uta\title.png"
Then it can be loaded.And if you set "Use Title Image" on in Disa System Options,you can see it when you select music.

And it also has a fallback title image system.
Example:First we have a song's stepfile like this."X:\StepMania 5\Songs\2nd pack\Kagamine Rin-Iroha uta\iroha uta.ssc"
Then look at "iroha uta.ssc",remove that ".ssc"or ".sm"
We get "iroha uta",so put a image named as "iroha utatitle.png" here:"X:\StepMania 5\Themes\SIGMA -The Blue Dasher-\Fallbacks\Hatsune Miku Project Beats 01\"

It should be:
Stepmania 5\Themes\SIGMA -The Blue Dasher-\Fallbacks\(song group name)\(song stepfile name+title.png)

This is a good new to all vocaloid song packs,they can use title image like Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade®.

2.Optional Pane display+Groove radar
Press "Select" (must be set in KEY MAPPING) when selecting music.It will show up.

Also a lot better than the default one.

3.Background scale
Gameplay background(yeah,song background)'s scale type can be set to "Cover" or "Fit"

Cover:all the background will be covered,but some part of images and movies may be cut.
Fit:Show the whole song background,remain uncovered area black.

4.Flashy lights
-----------------------I SUGGEST YOU TURN THIS "ON"------------
Turn it off if your computer cannot afford this....

5.Jacket display/Jacket display on music wheel.
You can select one of them.You can also enable them all.(don't care about my computer,I'm cool so I need two same Jackets.)

6.Target set system.
Set your target before play,test your self!
Please set it in modifiers menu(will be entered when you press "start" twice in Music Selecting Screen)
50%,60%,70%,80%,90%,95%,100%,none(select this when you don't want target)

7.Custom Scoring System
Well I'll find a better formula for scoring system later.
Now it has nothing special.

8.See Song Background when selecting music
Now you don't need to play the song to confirm "oH Yeah,this is!this is that background,I found you again dude."

9.Group Name when selecting music.
A small function but useful!


╮(╯▽╰)╭3D,real 3D,at least not all 2D.
And won't crash,I didn't use 3D models.I use codes to build them.They are safe.(And they are cute)

Hope you enjoy my theme!

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oh-no,.....posted a wrong title...but I'm using my moblie phone to view it,there is no 'edit' button.Might fix it tomorrow... please don't mind it.
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Looking for help with fonts....It's hard to make

You might want to use Texture Font Generator. I'm not sure if it comes with Windows releases of StepMania anymore, but I've got a copy of it uploaded (along with the modified versions for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) here.
Looking for help with fonts....It's hard to make

You might want to use Texture Font Generator. I'm not sure if it comes with Windows releases of StepMania anymore, but I've got a copy of it uploaded (along with the modified versions for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) here.

Thank you freem~I'll have a try.

And I want to ask something:How to write some codes that can return a path to a special named thing in current songs' folder?I'm not good at codes.
e.g. I have a "title.png" in every single song's folder(Stepmania5/Songs/Group/xx song/title.png).And when I change current song,it will return a new path to the new one's "title.png".Sounds like a background preview part,but I have no "GetSongBackground" functions this time.

I tried this,but it didn't work.....I really don't know anything about codes(I didn't learn anything about them...)

function GetTitlePath()
local song = GAMESTATE:GetCurrentSong();
local course = GAMESTATE:GetCurrenCourse();
local st;
if song then
local path=song:GetSongDir();
if FILEMAN:DoesFileExist(path.."../title.png") then
st = path.."../title.png"
st = ~nil
elseif course then
local path=course:GetCourseDir();
if FILEMAN:DoesFileExist(path.."../title.png") then
st = path.."../title.png"
st = ~nil
return st;

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Wow this looks promising, great job on this especially the 3rd screenshot. The first two pictures somehow reminds me of waiei's, but... it's probably just me.

As for codes, wish I've the knowledge as well =/

Despite of not being helpful(on this post), I'd like to say... "Jia You!".

Thanks~You might think it looks like waiei(because they are both 'blue'),but they are different:there is a thin-grey-scrolling web cover on it(like an old TV,make the interface more smooth)..

And ScreenSelectMusic is what I'm working on now.No songtitle text,no step's info,uncompleted GrooveRadar...Ouch,and a lot of bugs.But this theme will complete someday(when v0.8 is out~)
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A little change to Main Menu.......hmmmm....

And added something more.

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Update 2014/3/26
Disa System Online!
New Selecting Style interface.
And other functions!

I decided to remake ScreenSelectMusic,too.

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