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Its not a bug its a FEATURE!
oh we are doing this

sm maxx you can't escape either

sorry I just had to


Tue[10:45:54]am <Jousway> also Kyzentun I just had to put that face on ya cdtitle
Tue[10:45:56]am <Jousway> I couldnt leave it
Tue[10:45:58]am <Jousway> I just had to
Tue[10:47:15]am <@shakesoda> okay
Tue[10:47:19]am <@shakesoda> that is beautiful
Tue[10:47:24]am <Jousway> haha
Tue[10:47:28]am <@shakesoda> I'm going to have to actually abuse my mod powers for this one
Tue[10:47:36]am <Jousway> what are you gonna do
Tue[10:49:09]am <Jousway> YA fucken didnt
Tue[10:49:13]am <Jousway> HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA
Tue[10:49:24]am <Jousway> I'M CRYInG
Tue[10:49:27]am <@shakesoda> I did
Tue[10:50:00]am <Jousway> it hurts haha
Tue[10:50:43]am <Jousway> Kyzentun is going to hate us
Tue[10:50:51]am <@shakesoda> w/e
Tue[10:50:55]am <@shakesoda> the original is in the file store.
Tue[10:51:12]am <@shakesoda> this is art
Tue[10:51:15]am <@shakesoda> truly


NEVER FORGET 2014, shakesoda admin abuse

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Its not a bug its a FEATURE!
okay this cannot be ignored

I'm doing it
< cybik> til Kyzentun fixes bugs for breakfast
< maxvg1> shakesoda: then why do i still play lol
<@shakesoda> because you're an ITG player. And thus, a masochist
<@shakesoda> Kyzentun: I think you might need to put down the meshes for a bit
too bad everyone not on IRC missed it.

edit: jousway got us covered

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oh my fucking god hahaha

Work in Progress
*checks what's going on in this thread*

*hastily shuffles away hoping to go unnoticed*