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so technically, this isn't my first song I've made but my last one wasn't that good and was having problems and such, anyways lets hope that doesn't happen again.
this took me the good part of a night plus the time it took me to get a decent recording of the song (Which took a wile :P), I'm quite rusty with the pad so it wasn't that good but it's mostly for demo of the song anyways. I've had this song stuck in my head for a wile and wanted to play it on stepmania with the pad but like caramelldansen (which was my failed other song), there wasn't any good ones for the pad (NONE in the case of this song)

I am quite pleased with how this turned out (Provided it works like it should unlike last time :/) not too hard but decently difficult. I have always enjoyed bouncy, upbeat songs like this for ddr/stepmania, there so fun to play. all the notes should be synced and in time (hopefully) but that's why I would like some feedback and yes I know there isn't any background for the song, long story short about that... I'm lazy xD

also the video file I used is quite large and it worked fine on my computer but I'm not a fan of the size, I wasn't sure how to lower the size, I just took the youtube vid of the song and made it an avi without sound basically with some compression idk, could/should be a lower file size
anyways here's the song, enjoy

First of all, you don't want to distribute a simfile with a 250 MB background video. It's a ridiculous waste of space and you should find a way to compress it down to a more reasonable 30 or 40 MB at the most.
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I mentioned that in the post, I wanted to make it smaller but I wasn't sure how