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I am asking for a Step File Editor, who is more of a pro than I am, to allow me to send them a few songs to make a step file of, and send them back to me. I have a few songs, already downloaded on my computer, that I would like.

Luigi's Mansion - Remix
Rusty Bucket Bay - Remix
Maze of Life
Light the Fire Up In the Night (Midnight Channel)

All of these I have as an MP3 format if the file maker wishes to grab them from me.

I am not asking for a deadline, but as soon as possible will be sufficient.

Please reply to this or email me directly at with the subject line STEPFILE MAKER INQUIRY so that I will know that it does not belong in junk mail.

Thank you in advance for all your help. If you don't know a file editor, then please share this with your friends, because as soon as I get these files made, and with permission of course, will put them here for public use.