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I am looking for certain songs that I know have simfiles (I've seen them on youtube, or found a broken download link for), but have since disappeared from the internet (as far as I can find). If someone either would be willing to send me a copy or have a link to download them, I would greatly appreciate it. All of them are anime theme songs by the way:

Easy Go - Kazuki Kato - Hitman Reborn Opening 6

Run!Run!Run! - Maki Otsuki - One Piece Ending 2

Departure! - Masatoshi Ono - Hunter X Hunter (2011) Opening 1,3, or 5 (same song, just slightly different lyrics)

I will edit this post when I get these songs or if there are any more that I remember that I want. Thanks!

P.S. Is there a backup location for all the songs that were on the ftp.stepmania site?