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hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm choof. if you've posted or browsed FFR, you may have seen my name around. I decided to make a chart exclusively for sm5 because I wanted to mess around with warps, fakes, lifts, etc.
sm5 is REQUIRED, there is only an ssc file in the folder.
x-mod is probably required, not sure how warps works on c-mod.

this chart is very very hard. I can't state how important it is to know that you can't brute force this chart like you can with others. I'd say that it's an entirely new dimension of difficulty.


general tips:
mines almost exclusively show where warps are
the fake section is so much harder than the rest of the chart
most holds have lifts at the end of them to force release. didn't use mines because of them being used for warps

I can't pass this
graphics by the amazing lurker

good luck

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If you're messing with lifts, you should read issue #755.
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