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Hi guys, new member here.

The big question I have is where do you go when you want to request a step chart for a song? Basically I would like custom step charts made for existing songs. They are songs that I would like to be playable on pad, but with ITG difficulty. Long streams and such. I would create the step charts myself, however, I am absolutely terrible at creating them. There are many songs, and I know they can take a bit of time. So I will only give my two top examples

"Streets of Rage Remake V5 - Music: Fuze" on YouTube

"Super Street Fighter 4 - Volcanic Rim -Oceania- Stage Theme (HQ)" on YouTube

(I'm currently writing this off my phone so the links may look weird)

I have never seen any charts for these songs. And I believe it would be just great. I loved the step chart for Shawn Wasabi's " burnt rice" song

"BURNT RICE" on YouTube

The song is amazing. But enough ranting. I would like to know where I could go to request step charts, or maybe someone knows anyone that is interested in creating step charts. Please let me know. If I have post this is the wrong section , im am sorry in advance. Please guide me in the right direction.