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So I'm trying to figure out which value in a .ssc file affects what attribute and I'm having trouble.

I have a video set at the BACKGROUND: attribute and it plays as the preview just before the song starts and restarts when the song starts. Is there another attribute which can be set that will show just a static image prior to the song starting?

I get the desired effect with a .sm file by setting the video as PREVIEW: and the BACKGROUND: as my static PNG but this doesn't appear to be the same.

Also is there a good document on .ssc that I'm just not finding? I've found the changelog and a few bits here and there but I'd like to know what the most definitive document is at the moment.
Hmm. I'm not sure definitive documentation of the .ssc format exists as of this writing.

To answer your question about background videos, I suggest using the #BGCHANGES attribute. Let's use my happy.ssc file (with irrelevant stuff omitted) as an example:


This works pretty well for my purposes. BGCHANGES can be generated (mostly/sort of) by pressing B while in the editor. The interface is somewhat clunky but it works to associate changes in background to specific beats in the song. In the example above, my png was the background until beat 0, at which point the background switched to happy.mp4. At beat 260, I crossfade out of the video back to the original png.

Let me know if this doesn't solve your problem or if any of this was confusing.
Exactly what I was after. Thank you.