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I'm gonna go ahead and cross-post from FFR, since Benn Jordan is now fully aware of this project.

Alright, I've had this idea for quite some time now, and I've decided that since I should have relatively more free time this coming year, I'll finally start this up.

Kirlian Selections has been, in my opinion, one of the most well received albums in the Stepmania community. It's a timeless classic, and is a very approachable album, even for those who don't listen to this genre of music. So I thought, "what's a good way to pay tribute to this great album?"

Why not step every track?

[size=24]Full Text[/size]
Now, I know what you're thinking. This is a huge project, and given my history with StepMania projects, I've been a flake. However, I can say with the utmost assurance that, with some help from the community, this will happen. Even if I only get a handful of contributors. Even if I have to step the majority of the album myself.

Now, since this album has a lot to offer, this project will have just as much to offer as well.

My ultimate goal is for each track to have at least a light, standard, and heavy chart. Some of the slower songs (Kirlian Isles I, My Life of Loving Ghosts, etc) may not have enough to offer for a heavy chart, so, on a case-to-case basis, the heavy chart may be omitted. Challenge is to be used for very tough charts, beginner is to be used to very easy charts.

This may sound odd coming from someone who plays almost exclusively 6-key, but this will be mainly a 4-key pack. With that said, any and all 6-key charts will be looked at, and potentially placed in the pack.

There are two reasons behind this. The first is that, while I think 6-key is far more fun to play, the vast majority of the Stepmania community still play 4-key. I want this to get as much exposure as possible, so we'll have to stick to mainly 4-key. The second reason is that not many people can step 6-key files very well, myself included. inb4 chris gets mad at me

Still with me? Good.

When it comes to stepping the songs, we're going to do this in a collaborative fashion. You will select a song and difficulty, and I'll place you on the spreadsheet in that slot. You will then be locked into that difficulty. Feel free to pick as few or as many slots as you like.

I will be enforcing a rule in this regard. If you call dibs on a chart, and then fail to send me a chart within two weeks of you calling it, I will clear you from that slot and it will be open to everyone again. I don't want people grabbing slots and letting them sit. This goes for myself as well, and if I break this rule, feel free to call me the fuck out.

As for the charts themselves, feel free to sync as needed, I will normalize charts as this project develops. However, I would urge you to stay away from x-mod charts. The only way to circumvent the disallowing of x-mod charts, would be to make this pack SM5 exclusive. I'm not sure this would be a good thing, considering there are still people who use SM3.9. I want to alienate the least amount of players possible.

As for graphics, I will only request graphics once I have received all the charts for a particular song, and once I have personally normalized the full chart.

Now, for the interesting part. I personally e-mailed Benn Jordan quite some time ago about this very project. I asked him if he would be okay if I released the entire album for free, to which he didn't reply. I assumed that was a "no." So I put this idea on the back burner. However, Benn recently had an AMA on reddit, and this project was brought to his attention. He's given me the go ahead to use the entire album for non-profit.

[size=24]tl;dr version[/size]
1. This will be a community project.
2. Every chart will have at least a light, standard, and heavy chart.
3. For slower songs, I'll allow the heavy chart to be omitted.
4. Challenge and beginner charts are totally optional, but recommended.
5. You are free to call dibs on as few or as many charts as you like.
6. If I do not receive a chart from you within two weeks of you calling dibs, you will forfeit that chart and it will be up for grabs (I am not exempt from this rule).
7. Free free to sync as needed, once a song has a full set of charts, I will normalize the final chart.
8. 4-key required, 6-key is optional.
9. No x-mod, unless the community is fine with this being an SM5 exclusive project.
10. Graphics will be requested once a song has a full, normalized chart.

And I think that's all. Phew! That's a shitload of text. But it's worth it.

Link to AMA where he gives us permission to use the album.

Link to Spreadsheet
Link to Bandcamp

[SIZE=24]Send all charts to [email][/email][/SIZE]

Let's do this. 8)

Eze compiled a list of songs that could stand to lose a heavy chart. Perfect list, but if you think you can make a good heavy chart for any of these, go for it.
* My Life of Loving Ghosts
* Blackout
* East Highways/Cherokee Script
* Dakota June
* Parkways
* Lifeless Indoors
* Six Months Without Light
* California Dreaming
* Kirlian Changes
* Kirlian Isles I, II, III
* Miles and Miles
* Five Karots

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I genuinely like the idea of this project. Benn Jordan is one of my favorite musicians of all time, and a lot of Jordan's music lends itself surprisingly well to stepping.

That said, I might whip up a Heavy difficulty Stepfile for Eyes of June. The glitchy chaos of that track works well for a detailed, painstakingly accurate chart. However, I can't do BG art or anything fanciful like that. Is that going to be a problem, or do you have some sort of backup artist on-board for this project?[/]

Also, what quality of music are you looking for? I've got FLAC files from Bandcamp for the whole album, but can convert those to LAME-codec MP3 or ogg vorbis of any bitrate, whichever you deem more appropriate. Personal preference from a quality-to-filesize perspective is 320kbps CBR MP3.

Strike that. A preemptive test says my existing Song folders aren't working across Stepmania installations, nor can I export .smzip packages, for whatever reason. Sorry!

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