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Hey Everyone! I'm looking for these songs from the old site:
Michael Jackson-P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
Blood On The Dance Floor - Michael Jackson
You Rock My World - Michael Jackson
Is there anyone with these files or does anyone know how to download from the old site? Thanks!
I need max 300 reniassance. Old links are all dead
Im so depreesed about how many great songs ill never get back.
Max 300 reniassance ??? :(
Hey, i'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong area or if i'm doing something wrong (most times when I post for the first time in a new forum I get yelled at for something, haha) but....

my local ITG machine has Starlight by Flux Pavilion, and I really love it! However, despite hours of googling I cannot find the song file ANYWHERE. i can't even find any proof it exists (i.e. someone playing it in a video on youtube).

am i just looking in the wrong places, anyone have a clue where to find it? could it possibly be a file created and added to the machine by a local player (we have a guy who lives around who knows how to get into the machine. i think the ITG machine has something like4700 songs, i can't remember; sadly he's never around when i'm there).

I do have a video of ME playing it, but have yet to upload it

apparently it's part of a song pack called wubstream, i believe, at least that's the pack it's in on the machine. SO I'm good :)

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Hey, I'm looking for "DANCE AROUND THE WORLD" by DELTA QUEENS but Google hasn't been able to find the simfile. Also, if possible, can someone link an INITIAL D or a EUROBEAT/EURODANCE simfile pack for me? I've been having a hard time finding Initial D's simfiles...
This thread is dead...nobody seems to answer :/
Hello all!

I'm looking for some really good pad stream songs (songs where there are very few half steps, etc.). Good examples are Kick the Can from DDR Extreme and In the Heat of the Night from DDR Extreme 2.

While on this subject, I have been unable to find a stepmania file for In the Heat of the Night. Can you guys help?