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Glad to hear it!! Yeah, absolutely make any changes you feel are necessary. Good luck~
Hey! Anybody around here has the .zip or smzip of the songs from Tales Of Genji? More specifically Gaussian Blur 2, Kirby Floating Island, Mario Alternate Route, Bubbleman remix and Pacman (Powerpill). I haven't found them anywhere

Looking for symphogear OP 1 and 3 pls
Hello! I'm looking for the song "Gamma Goblins".

I played this song years ago, and unfortunately, I can't find it anymore.

Song artist : Hallucinogen (Infected Mushrooms Remix)
Song name: Gamma Goblins
Stepfile artist: ???
Style: Psytrance
Banner: It's a mix of dark blue, purple and green, with "Gamma Goblins" wrote on it.

Youtube music link:
*Original song is 7:45 minutes, but Stepmania's one is 3:50 minutes.*

Does anyone have it? Thanks a lot for you help!

I'm looking for a simfile that has been around at least 9 years or so now. It was the theme song to knight rider. It wasn't remixed or anything.
I remember getting some opening theme to some animu many years ago on the original StepMania website's section for user submitted songs. I never saw the animu so I wouldn't know what else to say. I tried even going on and searching through old records of the user submitted pages but there were like 70 pages and after eight I was tired. Where in the world would I be able to access the names of the old site's user submitted area? That's all I can do anyways. Been looking for this song for ages.
I'm looking for a simfile for Parasyte's ost called Next to you by Ken Arai, i only found one for osu mania , i wonder if anyone could find it or could make one that would be really awesome :)
and if you ever would make one i hope you add different levels to the song, for example, not just expert

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Hoo boy. I've got... quite a bit of requests for anyone willing to do FFXIV music. For the majority of the songs requested, I do have the mp3 files if they're needed. Unfortunately any Heavensward stuff I don't have yet. Just ordered the album and it's gonna take a bit to get here. In any case, the names of the songs will be listed in the spoilers along with a hyperlink to the song in question. If it plays during a specific area that isn't the title of the song, the area will be included. As a sidenote, I will be obtaining the album for those marked Heavensward 3.0 and 3.1 within a week so those wishing to do those songs can get the needed music.
Spoiler (click to view)
Burden of the Son(Heavensward 3.2)
Sephirot Phase 2(Heavensward 3.2)
Battle to the Death(Sephirot Phase 1)(Heavensward 3.2)
Locus - Alexander Boss(Heavensward 3.0)
Metal - Alexander Gordias Final Boss(Heavensward 3.0)
Calamity Unbound - Binding Coil of Bahamut Boss
Answers - Final Coil of Bahamut Final Boss
Tempest - Second Coil of Bahamut Final Boss
Rise of the White Raven - Second Coil of Bahamut Final Boss phase 2
Rise from the Ashes - Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 3 Boss
The Hand that Gives The Rose - Ravana Phase 1(Heavensward 3.0)
Unbending Steel - Ravana Phase 2(Heavensward 3.0)
Limitless Blue - Bismarck Phase 1(Heavensward 3.0)
Woe that is Madness - Bismarck Phase 2(Heavensward 3.0)
Heroes - The Singularity Reactor(Heavensward 3.0)
Heroes Never Die - Minstrel's Ballad Thordan's Reign(Heavensward 3.1)
Primal Judgment - Ifrit
Fallen Angel - Garuda
Steel Reason - Garlean Leader theme
Ultima - Praetorium Final Boss/Minstrel's Ballad Ultima's Bane
Thunderer - Ascian Boss/Binding Coil of Bahamut Final Boss
Good King Moggle Mog XII - Good King Moggle Mog XII(yes the boss name was the song name)
Wreck to the Seaman - Leviathan Phase 1
Through the Maelstrom - Leviathan Phase 2
Battle on the Big Bridge - Gilgamesh
Thunder Rolls - Ramuh
Footsteps in the Snow - Shiva Phase 1
Oblivion - Shiva Phase 2
The Corpse Hall - Odin
Faith in Her Fury - Steps of Faith
Voidal Manifest - Void Ark Final Boss(Heavensward 3.1)
Tumbling Down - Crystal Tower Boss
Hunger/The Reach of Darkness - Cloud of Darkness
Ominous Prognisticks - Heavensward Dungeon Boss
Nemesis - ARR Dungeon Boss
Bite of the Black Wolf - Gaius von Baelsar
Wrath of the Eikons - Lost City/Amdapor Keep HM/Tam-tara HM Boss
Fury - Brayflox's Longstop HM Boss
Beneath Bloodied Banners - Halatali HM/Hullbreaker Isle/ Stone Vigil HM Boss
Pennons Aloft - Fenrir
Primogenitor - Midgardsormr/Nidhogg
To the Fore - Wanderer's Palace HM Final Boss
Breaking Boundaries - Job Quest Final Boss
Under the Weight - Titan Final Phase

Down the Up Staircase - Antitower(Heavensward 3.2)
Lost City of Amdapor Hard Mode(Heavensward 3.2)
Sins of the Father, Sins of the Son - Alexander Ambience(Heavensward 3.0)
Primal Timbre - First Coil of Bahamut
Aetherpause - The Void Ark(Heavensward 3.1)
Hubris - Labyrinth of the Ancients
Out of the Labyrinth - Syrcus Tower
Blind to the Dark - World of Darkness
Descent - Dusk Vigil(Heavensward 3.0)
Slumber Eternal - Sohm Al(Heavensward 3.0)
Roar of the Wyrm - The Aery(Heavensward 3.0)
Hallowed Halls - The Vault(Heavensward 3.0)
Ink Long Dry - Great Gubal Library(Heavensward 3.0)
Imagination - The Aetherochemical Research Facility(Heavensward 3.0)
Unbreakable - The Fractal Continuum(Heavensward 3.0)
Like a Summer Rain - Neverreap(Heavensward 3.0)
Poison Ivy - Saint Mocianne's Arboretum(Heavensward 3.1)
Upon The Rocks - Pharos Sirius Hard Mode(Heavensward 3.1)
The Emperor's Wont - Castrum Meridianum
Penitus - The Praetorium
A Light in the Storm - Pharos Sirius
The Dark's Embrace - ARR Hard Mode Dungeons
The Lost City of Amdapor - The Scars of Battle
Birds of a Feather - Halatali Hard Mode
Horizons Calling - Hullbreaker Isle
Dark Vows - Tam-tara Deepcroft Hard Mode
The Warrens - Snowcloak
Riptide - Sastasha Hard Mode
Forgotten by the Sun - Sunken Temple of Qarn Hard Mode
Silver Tears - Keeper of the Lake
Tricksome - Wanderer's Palace Hard Mode
Aftermath - Amdapor Keep Hard Mode

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