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Im looking for this song Don Diablo - AnyTime :V

thanks bro
Hello people.
For years now i'm looking for some simfiles from around 2005-2006. Most of them i got from the old bemanistyle site. But nowadays i can't find them anywhere. They are:

Dokurorider's sims: especially the legend of taka (with 26 minutes or so in length) and zero-one (remix by slk-9888.sys with 5~6 minutes in length);
Hiryuu's angel of the moon (song by dj bouche);
The stage songs from megaman x and x2 (don't remember simfile author);
Bring me to life (Hannah remix), with a green-coloured background and heavy steps full of mines;
In the groove megamix (13 minutes + or -), it starts with bend your mind (if i remember well) and ends with pandemonium;
Some simfile with the song airen by dj amuro.

If someone can help me, thanks a lot!
I want Sweet (Frieza Remix) Back! From Originals -Frieza- with their animated backgrounds!

I want it soo bad!

There you go dude:

From my own private collection!
Hey doods, I'm getting back into stepmania and when setting things up I noticed I lost a couple Hello Project / Morning Musume songs and everything I've googled is a bunch of dead links from years ago.

Anybody have Otome Gumi - Ai no Sono ~Touch My Heart!~ and Mr. Moonlight?
For each of these I've already tried Zenius-I-Vanisher and the search at and came up empty. There were others I did find through those links, so thanks for that!
Here are some songs I think would be great to have a simfile to:
Anything by Mat Zo, especially "Rebound"
and "Easy" -
Basement Jaxx - Unicorn
Above & Beyond, especially "Blue Sky Action"
Nicky Romero & Nervo - Like Home
Ad Brown - Something for the pain especially from 2:30 onward.
Tritonal - Anchor
Manufactured Superstars - Like Satellites
Seven Lions - Strangers
So if someone makes a simfile, where do I check for it? Will they post a link here?
I wish istant crush, happy by pharrell or something like the devil went down to georgia, someone help me please :s.

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i looking for this song long time
Hi guys,

This is a difficult one: Im looking for a song but I dont remember the name =(
I used to play Stepmania back in 2011 or something and I just bought a new pad. Im very excited to play again and I really wanted to find my favorite song. I know there are thousands of songs nowadays so its a shot in the dark, but here it goes:
- It was available here when they had that Songs for download area
- It reminded me of lord of the rings. The group that made it had more songs with this "RPG" atmosphere. All the songs had this beautiful calm melody that really remind me of elves and dwarves.
- The background of their songs were green.

Ok... I know its crasy and silly bt I reaaaally want to find it...

Thanks a lot!!