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I'm creating this thread with idea to lower the number of threads that are looking for single file.

If you are looking for simfile, song, sim, sm, ssc for a specific song be sure to do the following:

1. If you are looking for song back, be sure to check this thread.
2. Search on Zenius-I-Vanisher simfile database for any hits.
3. If that didn't help try using google with query "[name of song] [artist] simfile" or "[name of song] [artist] stepmania".
4. Another good idea is to search on youtube - sometimes people link the file in description or in comments.

Still can't find the song? Then try this thread. If you want to be helped be sure to try those:

  • If you don't know the song title try to describe everything you know about the song. If you saw it on anime convention try to describe background, banner or any quriks that it had (for example: it had many stops / interesting video in background / many speed-ups at beginning). If you remember some of lyrics try to write them up too!
  • If you know the title write it together with artist name. If possible link to youtube video with the song (not necessary StepMania video).
  • If you want specific version of the simfile be sure to write any special things that it had or link to youtube video.

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Should probably include something about this thread as well.

Work in Progress
Yeah, that can be useful, added.
I'm looking for a simfile Omega by Max Dragon. I've seen a bunch of similar ones, but I'm looking for the original. Found one playing on Youtube at but there's no download link available. It was easy enough to find on the Stepmania website a while back in among the stepmixes and single releases. Anyone have it handy?
I'm looking for MaxX AttaxX 12. Red Background. By DM Ashura. I have two versions from his pack but it's not the version that I'm looking for. I'm looking for the stupid hard one.

it's actually not that stupid hard. I enjoy playing it. but can't find it Q.Q
Hmm, I think I have the right version for you, Pavelow. It's from Stepmix 1 (wow old). Here: MaxX AttaxX
Hello, I'm looking for this song to download:

Mika - Lollipop

Does anyone have it? I just can't find it anywhere.


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I'm looking for this song:

Not the America Average by Asking Alexandria