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Hey there!
For some odd reason, when we are playing stepmania (v 5.0.12) we have come across a rather strange issue. We use dance pads and play off of my old laptop that is currently running ubuntu. We connect the controllers in through the usb port and i run xboxdrv to make sure the inputs work. The terminal appears with all of the necessary info, and no issues appear on that end. All of the buttons register no mater what combinations are being used when they are tapped.

However, when we go into stepmania and play, we cannot hit the right arrow while our foot is on the left, it does not register it and counts it as a miss. Likewise, while our feet hit the up arrow or are standing on it, the down arrows do not register when tapped. This has made our workouts a little more intense than we had initially planned as we are constantly bouncing around. When prompted for both left and right arrows, or up and down arrows at the same time, its usually a miss.

Im not sure if this is some strange setting in stepmania, if i need to redownload it to linux (which i frankly have no idea how to do, i barely was able to install it), or if it is our dance pads. I don't think it's the dance pads though, because like I mentioned previously, all inputs register in the terminal without issue.

If anyone has any idea I would appreciate it a ton! Thank you!
This is a known problem with like ps2 -> usb pads, known as the axis problem. There was a fix implemented in stepmania a while back. Go into Options -> Input Options -> Advanced Input Options -> change Axis Fix to On. It worked for me and hopefully it'll work for you.
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