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Okay, so all credit goes to Jojomexi for financing the dropbox folder at 200GB/month.

Link Here (Or Click The Banner):

***Index up-to-date as of 4-13-2015***

Search for files here:

**How to Download**

1. Find a folder you want to download
2. Open that folder (can be a single file or a whole pack)
3. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the site
4. Select Download .zip file

This should be a community database, and I want this pack listing to be as open as possible, (unlike Divinelegy and SMO that work autonomously with those who know Jayce and the owner of SMO). You shouldn't need to know anyone to get your files hosted, so just post a link here or PM myself or Jojomexi and we'll add to the database.


That said, I've hosted all the packs currently available to myself onto Jojo's account. In addition to most packs that the community pack lists, there are also packs that compile individual files not (currently) found in any pack, however, there are probably duplicates, because checking the Singles folders against pad packs is tedious.


Since this is dropbox, you can't really search within the public folder (that I know of). Only the owner can search, which is stupid, yes, but assuming you're looking for a particular pack, you can just use Ctrl + F and search for it. That being said, this is not good enough for me. I want, sometime in the future, to have a web site or web search engine to be able to search through a database that updates when I ask it to. Please post if you have any ideas regarding the matter.


*** as of 4*3*2015 ***

All of the site competition packs have had their stepartist data filled in with a neat little suffix indicating the placing of the chart in the pad comp. Charts that were DQ'd have been noted as such.

I'm slowly going through all of the r21 packs and filling in the stepartist information to be accurate and complete.

All r21 associated packs should now have their chart authors and miscellaneous metadata errors fixed. I went through and cleaned all of the packs to make sure that they have a consistency to them.

On top of this, since Stepmania 5 is finally getting some unique charts to take advantage of its APIs, I creäted a SM5 folder for all of the SM5 charts that cannot be played in r21/3.95/oITG, or were intented to be played on SM5.

*** as of 8*5*2014 ***

I'm starting to go through packs and fill in the stepartist tag and clean up some metadata. This will be fun.

I started with fixing some random problems in the r21/AIJ individuals folder, hopefully I can also get the tournament packs and comp packs all filled in as well. Cheers

*** as of 5*11*2014 ***

I've converted and added Stepmix, DWI Extreme,, DDR4EVER, DDR Officials and DDRei. (They're all Pad files that are all relatively extremely easy compared to r21 files). Changes are uploading now, and since it's such a huge update, give it ~12 hours to upload. I'll also be merging a bunch of current releases in the r21 folder (I've just not added them over to the dropbox yet since their respective links haven't died off).

Currently everything is converting and syncing over, with Stepmix, DWI Extreme, and DDRExtreme already converted as I'm writing this. I'll update the index file dead last once everything has been merged in.

*** as of 4*1*2014 ***
New additions:
r21Freak Pad Comp VIII (stepartist credits added, and cleaned)
Ace's Favourites
Aoreo's Index Jawn
Tropical Dimensions
UKSRT 4 and 5 (quietly released)

Individual files:
Random Columbian files from youtube
Some old and forgotten IF files that I picked up on
The usual IF forum updates

A binary patcher for Windows has been posted that allows the ITG binary to be patched to utilize more than 2GB of RAM. This is great for those who want to load a shitton at once.

*** as of 2*1*2014 ***

There's now a new index file uploaded to Copy. You can now just open the file in a web browser and search using ctrl + f. You no longer have to download the massive text file, it'll just remain online from now on.

*** as of 1*23*2014 ***

As I write this, a new index is uploading to Dropbox. The new index is the current storage of all files in the dropbox. Just download the index file and search for whatever you're looking for. This will have to be done until I'm able to find a service that will allow me to host a read-only-in-browser 5MB text file. (Yes, the text file is supposed to be that large, there's close to 7.5 MILLION lines of text in that file)

*** as of 1*13*2014 ***

My internet is back, all is back to normal =D I hope to start batch converting all of the non-r21 simfiles to be r21 ready soon. I'll make another post about it when I'm almost done and everything is uploading. I can't start this until I change hard drives. This will take a while, because I have to go through all my files and make a backup, then swap files over. This is at least an afternoon at the computer.

*** as of 1*9*2014 ***

My apartment complex's internet has been out for a while. They haven't fixed it, so I'm tethering on my iShitBook pro running windows... but to make matters worse, my PC housing the dropbox database can't tether because I don't have the correct drivers installed (I need the internet to download drivers, so it's a vicious circle). There won't be anything new added until further notice.

*** as of 1*2014 ***

I applied some of Fraxtil's Resyncs (found in his thread). I also did a little cleanup. Nothing major. Anything posted here or on AIJ is quietly added, without really needing an update to be written about it.

*** as of 12*30*2013 ***

All updated simfiles have been uploaded. There should be no more mp3 files in any songfolders other than in UKSRT2 and 3. I updated all the .sm to point to the new .ogg files, so there shouldn't be any issues hacking the songs onto an r21/r23 cab. Going forward, the only real updates should be to add new packs, and possibly fix the non r21 files for use on an ITG machine. I really don't see much demand for these files, but if there is, I'll prioritize it as such.

*** as of 12*29*2013 ***

As of today, I'm converting all the files from mp3 to ogg. As a part of this mass conversion, certain packs will be temporarily unavailable while I update them. Once conversion completes, they'll reüpload and be back to normal. Cheers guys.

*** as of 12*27*2013 ***

This morning the dropbox finished syncing all the R21 files. From now on, when you click the link, you'll see category folders of all the files that are on the dropbox. Currently there are 6 (For SIMfiles): Albumix, DDR Officials, DDRei, DWI Extreme, R21, and Stepmix. All the r21 files have been made "r21 hacking" ready. None of the files are ogg length patched (files that were previously patched are no longer patched).


As of today, any packs that have an associated course will have its .crs file in the root of the pack folder (where the pack banner, readme are located) These courses did not come with any special course files or conditions (like metrics changes and custom course banners). So, if you're looking for a course banner, just use the pack banner. Trancemania comes to mind as this sort of scenario. However, packs that are a part of more 'convoluted' courses (with metrics changes, special conditions, special banners etc.) will be located in folders starting with "_" (ex: "_Courses").

*** as of 12*26*2013 ***
I'll upload a new database after the changes sync with the dropbox servers.

I reverse length patched all the files (undid any previous length patching). I also did some preliminary housecleaning, deleting all the mp3 files and converting them to ogg files, ready to play on a dedicab.

Also, I rearranged the folders to separate between the various types of files. All R21 related files will be in the respective folder. Also, Albumix, DDR Officials, DWI Extreme files, Stepmix, etc will be found in their respective folders. I made this change to make it more easy to navigate through the massive pack listing by community web site (Since the r21/AIJ communities are so vastly different from the DWI/Stepmix, etc. communities).

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I see you sneakin over onto here Horsey, like you're some kind of slick guy.. lol. Thanks for getting this database more publicity :).

Also, check out if its not already stickied.
also Individual and Pad sections.

This is an awesome resource! Many thanks!
Sorry, it's been a while since I've looked here. The dropbox has seen quite a few updates since 6 months ago.
All I see is index.txt,

Edit: NVM I'm dumb, clicked banner.

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Wow, Zack. I think this database has been updated more recent than April 2015, eh? Haha, also just wanted to let people know that this database is still up.