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I remember combing over your site in the past, but I went over it again to see what I was missing. It seems like all of your links are dead (or at least the ones I tried) so I couldn't outright download them from the site. If I could get links to any of the following, that would be amazing!

Movie Fix Plus
HSM Long Versions
Instrumental Mix Renew
1st Keyboard Mix - Part 1
Panzer Force Remixies
Panzer Force 3rd (AP)
Panzer Force 3rd (FIX)
Panzer Force 3rd (AP) (Fix)
Panzer Force 4th
Panzer Force 4th (rev 1)
Panzer Force Append 1
StepMix 5 Winners
StepMix 5 Finalists
StepMix 5 Entries
Happy Sky

From mine - I just moved the main site over to Tumblr (easier to update). I have all the files still - I just need to move them to a new subdomain and get links back up. Hopefully beginning of this coming week I'll get it done (husband going out of town for work so I won't have anything else to do!) | StepMania Mac | Occasional Forum Admin | IRC: wtupyo
From mine - I just moved the main site over to Tumblr (easier to update). I have all the files still - I just need to move them to a new subdomain and get links back up.

Alright, great! Just make a post when it's all set up and I'll get right on it.
This is what I've been hosting on SMD for years; I just downloaded some more to update my listing (but then decided I'm moving the site to Tumblr and might just concentrate on up keeping the list of SMD websites that are out there instead of hosting files). If you need more details on items you might not have let me know.

no like to get all of these packs at once? its been some time since i played me out a bit ;3
.................................what? p~p.....................................
It's been a couple of weeks, has anything happened in regards to hosting those packs, or has something come up?
I just have to finish the links and then post the page live.

Holidays are more important to spend time with family. :-) | StepMania Mac | Occasional Forum Admin | IRC: wtupyo
Alright, it's been over a month. I do not see any updated entries or sections on the SD website itself, have you hosted the files within a different location? If you have, would you please post a link to where the packs can be downloaded?

If you have not, what should I expect for the future, in regards to the hosting of these packs? Have you decided against personally hosting the files permanently, and if you have, how would you feel about temporary hosting on a file sharing website so SMO can mirror them? I would very much like to archive these packs for the StepMania community, if at all possible.

EDIT: Officially over two months now. You are listed as an administrator for this site; I am having trouble believing it should take this long to receive a reply of any kind.

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I'm sorry - I work full time (plus some), and am also on the board of a local Lions group, helping a local car group get over some internal turmoil, looking to buy a house, AND helping with our current ice race season with my husband (i.e.: I'M TOO BUSY TO EVEN KEEP UP ON MY OWN PERSONAL SITE!!)

In other news, I'll be stepping down from the Lions group board and our ice race season is almost over, and the local car group is handling stuff well enough I can take a step back from that also! That means more time to get back in touch with the SM community. :-)

Even more awesome news: I've secured a new domain for SD:

Yup - that's it! I have all the files; they are archived on my own hosting for my own personal backup (that's what started SMD to begin with). Sometimes having a little patience helps tons. :-)

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I am glad to finally have some light shed on the situation, though I am a little concerned. I hope you are just exaggerating a bit, in the sense that you haven't literally been so busy you couldn't post a reply, because that can't be good for any person to go through! At the very least I hope you had a few hours to unwind every day, and put your web related voluntary duties aside to keep your sanity or something. Running yourself ragged for months at a time can be pretty terrible for anyone, so I am elated to hear a lot of your workload has been lifted!

The new domain is quite nice! Though I cannot access anything on it, so I guess it's currently inactive. Please do send a reply when the site is up and running there!

As far as patience goes, I really don't think you can fault me on that. After all this whole thing started back in mid December, and on both occasions you replied, you implied completion was a short distance away. I merely stopped by once and a while to see if any progress was made, and gave the subject a poke every month to see if something had happened. You are not held to do anything, and by all means if you replied a few months ago about being so terribly busy for an extended period (or even that you just didn't want to host the files for any reason at all) I would have left it at that and been content. I am fully aware people have other matters to attend to in their lives, but I (nor is anyone else) a mind reader. In the future if you believe your workload is going to skyrocket, or you need a break for whatever reason, I think it would be very beneficial for people to be notified before the fact. After all, being an administrator here, running SD, and probably doing other things I am unaware of involves other people to some degree. If they are aware you will be gone for one reason or another, they won't be confused about why projects are on hold, or why they can't contact you, or why something implied to be right around the corner is taking months. I sincerely hope you take this into consideration.