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Thank you!
I remember combing over your site in the past, but I went over it again to see what I was missing. It seems like all of your links are dead (or at least the ones I tried) so I couldn't outright download them from the site. If I could get links to any of the following, that would be amazing!

Movie Fix Plus
HSM Long Versions
Instrumental Mix Renew
1st Keyboard Mix - Part 1
Panzer Force Remixies
Panzer Force 3rd (AP)
Panzer Force 3rd (FIX)
Panzer Force 3rd (AP) (Fix)
Panzer Force 4th
Panzer Force 4th (rev 1)
Panzer Force Append 1
StepMix 5 Winners
StepMix 5 Finalists
StepMix 5 Entries
Happy Sky

Mirror heart