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Alright so if you haven't heard of the show yet, that's not really important but I think the opening would be great for SM!

It plays twice in the video to be longer I guess, so it's around 1:50 long.

Here's a video of someone's simfile, not really sure if it's theirs though. I PM'ed them about getting a download link but I haven't gotten anything (only been a couple days).

I'm not exactly sure if requests should go here but I couldn't really find any other place and I saw requests posted in here... Anyway if anyone's interested in charting I hope it'll be playable on pad!

So, ah, yeah. I'd make the file myself but tbh I'm not all that great -- in fact I'm pretty horrible at doing stuff like that. I got so frustrated trying my first or second simfile when the video wouldn't sync up. xD Maybe it can be considered for the next ODM pack or something?