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Hey I am back from well looooooong 4 month break :)

Back with new simfile :D starting the 251-275 journey... here we go

Simfile 251:
Tales of Zestiria / ‪#ゼスティリア OP (2015)
"‪White Light‬" by Superfly

Download Links (42.6MBs):
Spoiler (click to view)!xVhTBQAQ!oiDDG6Qbyts47Ppy7Mcuk1UxiHkGq4ZOuFOc2SG9X-A

Original Video+Downloads Post ->

In other news I updated the first post more clarity, "formal" and simplistic look I guess... ALSO!
I added the unofficial download links to 176-200 AND 201-225 AND 226-250 PACKS. ENJOY ALL!
More to come. getting my stepmania motivation going... reviving my dead StepMania love once again!

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Am I continuing the weekly thing now :D I hope!

Simfile no.252 - Batch 251-275
Song Title: Akatsuki no Hana / 暁の華
Source: ‪Akatsuki no Yona / ‪暁のヨナ OP2 (2014)
Artist: ‪Cyntia

Spoiler (click to view)!RUI3TZrB!5CzjchH98jViUvVXB5kW3Ev5vVt03xolU1wlffL5URw[Akatsuki_no_Yona_OP2][252].zip

Enjoy! or not? :D

Original Video+Downloads Post ->

StepMania 4 Key / Panel DDR/ITG Dance
Beginner = KB / Keyboard
Light <-> Challenge = Dance PAD / Mat
If you do spot something like bad placement of arrows, typos etc... tell me I'll fix it on final batch
I just noticed that you made a sim for Sugar Song to Bitter Step too. Looks like we had similar ideas...

That said, you posted yours earlier than me by a couple weeks. Guess I was beaten to the punch. :P

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