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Main download:

Videoless download (no bgvideos, smaller pack size):

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Are you l@dy? Wait no that's the original IM@S :V

For all you Idolm@ster fans, the second pack is finally out! Containing 52 songs from Deresute, it has more than DOUBLED from the first pack. For the first time coming from me, the pack also contains full tech notations for all difficulties level 7+, as the pack is now much more heavily tech focused for many of the songs. As I have been leaning towards tech charting now (after playing ECFA 2021 and ITL 2022), I feel this is where I'd like to head next, with this pack being the first where I focus more on such charts.

The pack also contains 2 songs charted by CondorTalon!

Anyways, enough about that and enjoy! The main pack size is huge because EVERY file has a bgvideo in the main download, which is why it's a big file size.

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