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Hello everyone, and after YEARS of not coming back to the community I wanted to check it out once more and re-upload my one and only Vocaloid pack.
It used to be on Megaupload but since it died, there was no other option but to let it die. I found it again on some DVDs I had around my house and finally uploaded it once more.

It has 37 songs I made when I was around 14yrs old (now I'm 21), so I'm sorry if some steps are messy, yet overall the pack is pretty interesting and nice to play.
They're made to be played with a keyboard, also.

So now the dl links, over MEGA and Zippyshare which both work nicely. If the links are down or there's any inconvenience, please tell me about it and I'll reupload them somewhere else or again in the same sites.

Vocaloid HatsuneLen Mix