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Last Update (03.03.2020) (D/M/Y)
New song added: Nothing Special [EDMS TS]

This is a Topic that contains news about all the new files I've made.
I prefer to put that in a single treat to avoid saturating this topic.

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About Edmspack
Edmspack is an old project of mine that I work on since 2011.
The charts have really changed since that time.
I'm doing that only for fun and not for anything else.

I'm not a player that can play dumpfiles, but I have a good level of skill on Stepmania.
My pack in general is ONLY 4k KB. I'm starting (just recently) to work on some 7k stepping.
And my charts are original. Generaly the Hard is around 10 and expert is around 12.
When it goes beyond 13-14, the songs are very very hard.
All charts (except in EDMS A) follow the music.
Even so, there might be a very small amount of error. (Because I'm not a robot)
And I will be happy to fix such mistakes if you find any!

About the Difficulty
On every file on this topic, you need to consider that the Challenge difficulty has:
- A lot of Holds, Jumps (Doubles) and Hands (Triples)
- Gray arrows (Default Skin) are ALWAYS fakes
- 5 Difficulties, sometimes even more | Allowing for beginners and normal players to play it too

About the Download and the Quality
My packs always give many options about the download and quality
That includes:
- Source file
- No Video (Without Video)
- 480p, 720p, 1080p (Old MPEG and recent ones)
- 60 fps (rarely)
- Every song have their own page. [With all the info about the song and a video of the Step]
Important to know: The download is private. You need to register to have download access !

About a Tournament
Finaly, I'm hosting a tournament. If you want to get more info about it you can check on the website.
Although I'm sure I'll create a topic about that.

All the Pack

EDMS AO (Anime oriented)

Music on the pack: Natsu, Unravel [Music Box]

EDMS DJ-JO (DJ-JO Work only)

Music on the pack: Peace Sign [3 Versions], The Day

EDMS S3RL (S3RL Work only)

Music on the pack: Candy


Music on the pack: Galaxies (Ark Patrol Remix), Kharon, [New !] Nothing Special, Reflection

EDMS V (Only Vocaloid Work)

Music on the pack: ECHO – The Living Tombstone Remix

EDMS A (Old Pack (Mostly anime))

Music on the pack: To much song

Possible new pack
EDMS DESUTROY YOUR HANDS (For very very hard file) *If you want to RIP your hands.


Have fun!

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Last Update (03.03.2020) (D/M/Y)
New song added: Nothing Special [EDMS TS]