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Starting from New StepD-Mix in 2020.

Previous Old StepD-Mix Package will be renewal with own Number mix such as 1stMix.

The first page post will be changes after StepD-Mix rerelease with StepD-Mix 1stMix -PurleCore-


StepD-Mix 1stMix -PurleCore- is release on 22 January 2020 here.


StepD-Mix 2ndMix -Ablosute- is release on 3 Ferbuary 2020 here.


StepD-Mix 3rdMix -The Symbol- release on 13 Ferbuary 2020 here.


StepD-Mix 4thMix -HoxiS- release on 8 march 2020 here.


Due to Coronavirus delay before April Fools day was delay forever StepD-Mix 5thMix -Infinity to Omega- is official release here on 8 april 2020 here.


StepD-Mix 6thMix -The Jungle- release on 24 May 2020 here.

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My use StepMania 3.9+Redux / StepMania 5.0.9 (Update)


1.Dual Play sytle such as Single / Double
2.Classic Scale in .sm file 1 - 15
3.New BANNER/BACKGROUND or Old BANNER/BACKGROUND with jacket for StepMania 5 only (waiei/Cyberiastyle)
5.New Boss with Dedy gunawan made FL STUDIO
6.Old Boss from StepMania share due download is dead.
7.Song from classic Boss song in DDR.
8.Regular Song from StepMania Share / DDR Classic / And more