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Main Download:!AtNGkLgS!5cSZX8nvu9nO7rH0u0E8CuOOOQ58GUdi0dlx0tJkXK4

r21 ready (no graphics, just .sm, patched .ogg files, and ITGOggPatcher):!AsU3BSxZ!LaUwCGFnCxtS2bWrtgzLosZPKkuXacGHL7jCVxt0xY4


Release Trailer


Merry Christmas everyone!

Here's my gift to everyone, a remix side to the Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Starlight Dancefloor pack. This idea came as an inspiration to the Love Live pack having a remix side to it. The only difference is that the remixes are strictly remixes of songs that CondorTalon and I have charted in Starlight Dancefloor, so you won't find remixes of other songs that I haven't stepped (yet).

This pack focuses on being harder in general than Starlight Dancefloor, which I think is a nice contrast to it, considering how easy that pack was on average. So if you were looking for more challenging Idolm@ster charts, here it is :V

I did plan on doing a second pack on boats to release alongside this, but life got in the way so we only had time to do this for now, but expect a pack on boats probably soon!

Definitely expect a second pack for Starlight Dancefloor (and Remix) in the future, but after boats, I do plan on getting back to something I've put off for too long...

Anyways, not much else to say but enjoy!

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