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The Pokémon Minipack is out! Check it!

4 songs, each with individual different difficulties!
I have not had the time to try it yet. work, college, and other games to beat have kinda taken up my time.([redacted] zurvan ex!). No worries, not gonna ask you to do any more FFXIV songs. I've requested too many of em :P
"Thy life is a riddle, to bear rapture and sorrow. To listen, to suffer, to entrust unto tomorrow. In one fleeting moment, for the land doth life flow. Yet in one fleeting moment, for anew it doth grow. In the same fleeting moment, thou must live, die, and know."
Registered just to praise you for these packs. They're the best out there if you're looking for some good variety video game song packs to dance to. Also loving the generous amounts of retro. The SMB2 Remix by CutMan, Ducktales' Moon and Metroid's Brimstar are my favourites. Keep it up!

e: oh wow and a RushJet1 remaster. This is great!

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if you still take requests could you do this... if possible.