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Hello, Mister Spoderman! (just kidding)

First of all, I aprecciate that you are liking these packs so far. I have noticed your passion for the Shovel Knight OST as well. I tried the chart (which is quite good) too.

However, I want to focus on something: I don't want to make a pack featuring only one game. Video game music is so varied and rich in their styles that basing an entire step pack only on Shovel Knight would not feel like the best choice to do. There are other people who also have their preferences when choosing games, and it wouldn't be fair.

But, let's stay positive. First, I will release a revised version of "Flowers of Antimony" either during the creation of the pack or just after (as a standalone title).
Also, you just gave me a great idea about the topic of Pack 4. The problem is, it can't feature Shovel Knight due to "reasons" (please don't get mad, I hope you'll understand it later)
That's why between Pack 3 and 4 I'm going to sidetrack a bit and release standalone charts featuring all of your requests, before making Pack 4. Therefore you can ask for any Shovel Knight music you want, and anyone can do it as well with their favorite game. I guess this is now the chance if you want any song to be stepped.
BUT, before all of this even begins, I still have to finish pack 3. There's still some work I have to do.

Again, thank you for the comment. I hope this can fit best for everyone.

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"I have noticed your passion for the Shovel Knight OST as well."

Damn straight!

You're cool dude. I was just unclear on what you meant by making a pack themed after a certain topic. Thing is, I just couldn't help myself to do another shovel knight song, In the Halls of the Usurper. Looks like I'm just going to have to transpose the soundtrack myself... I update it same place as my last link, here. Happy stepping everyone!!

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I would also appreciate a new undertale, or mother song in the new pack, (if it isn't already in 3). Thanks! Keep up the good work! Love both one and 2!
In regards to my previous request, I do have a couple that would possibly be good choices for the standalones from FFXIV.

Heroes Never Die
and Ultima

I hope that you enjoy them at least.
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Thanks for the shout out. Can't wait for the pack tommorrow.
Pack 3 is out!

Here you go!

Enjoy the songs! Also check the update on the first post!
Hello everyone!

It's been some days since Pack 3 was released. Now, it's time to move on to the 4th pack!

This pack's theme will be: "The 8-bit Generation!"

This pack will contain only music from any game of the 3rd generation (or earlier) of consoles, 8-bit portable consoles and arcades (These include: The NES, Sega Master System, Game Boy and arcades prior to the 1990s)

How does this kind of music sound? Well, like this:

Or this:

Or this!:

12 songs will be included in this pack. Of course, you can request any song that belongs to this category of songs. But:

-"Can I request remixes?" -> Yes and no. If a remix is requested, it must be true to the original, and maintain the "8-bit/chiptune" sound.
-"Can modern games with that kind of music be requested?" -> Nope, sorry, we want to stay true to the originals.
-"Although Pokemon was released in 1998, will that still fit in?" -> Yes, if it's Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow, and therefore on the Game Boy.

I hope to hear your requests soon. Have a nice day!
OH, PLEASE DO THE POKEMON RED AND BLUE OPENING THEME! And or maybe the Dungeon theme from Zelda 1