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Hello, everyone! I am very new to making Stepmania songpacks, and this is my very first songpack. I hope you enjoy.
This songpack is completely random, and I would just make steps for a song I grew interest with. Every song except for 2 have three difficulties.
Here are the songs:
Come & Get It (Razihel Remix) by Razihel
Find A Pet (Candy Mix) by Foozogz
Love Bloom by Foozogz
One For All, All For One [Monstercat Release] by Virtual Riot and Razihel
Sleep by Echelon
Stay by Knife Pony ft. Feather
You've Got The Music (Foozogz DELIGHT MIX) by Foozogz

Yes, I am a brony. Anyways, that's all I really have to describe about this songpack.

Download here:;