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Hi, yes I'm looking for simfiles that's got a gender of Metal Rock & Techno/Dubstep type music. I also wanna request Skrillex songs as well if anyone has them please hit me up. I'd greatly appreciate it. I just started to learn how to do all of this. Never really chose the time to do it while I still played at the ITG3 arcade machine. I get bored with most of the songs since I normally do 10-14 step songs which is the step level I'm requesting in the songs from anyone that can hit me up lol.

I have one small question tho. When I buy my Sandisk Flash Drive for uploading on the arcade ITG3 machine do I just drag everything in StepMania folder including the SimFiles and drop it all in the Flash Drive or just the "Songs" folder which contain all the SimFiles? Thought I'd ask since I didn't want to go and just plug the thing in and be like "I hope this works :l " lol.

Last edited: 12 June 2014 9:05pm