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Kind of late to announce but...

It has been released! You can find the source here:

A relatively easy pack for people who like anime.
This is a Keyboard ONLY pack.

Difficulty ratings are in NPS

Full (432.54MB)'s_Dream_10th_Anime_Mix.rar
stepmaniadirectory (Full).rar (provided by owner: manda)

Main (No Videos - 189.5 MB - CRC:3639F16B)!SlBiiB6J!KdRT5pARDPescB6ul7JmMoTcwuoNCAT6iaFQ8fQNzZM (the rest that are not listed above)
stepmaniadirectory (No Video).zip (provided by owner: manda)

Video-Addons (No Main[needs Main2play!] - 243.5MB - CRC:1DA83406)!e1YzVajY!zK5W3cZlSkYcCexGzbxyPew-y2VKUSs1gw3IrjNTIHw (the rest that are not listed above)
stepmaniadirectory (Videos Only Add On).zip (provided by owner: manda)

40 files in this pack:

Songlist Generator by Sargon.

Thanks to Niko and Ciunek for checks and fixes.
Thanks to Sari and Gundamdude for gfx.
Thanks to all the people who submitted.

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Additional Mirrors on StepMania Directory

10th Anime Mix (No Video).zip

10th Anime Mix (Videos Only Add On).zip

10th Anime Mix (Videos).rar

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