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Hey guys it's SonicAndTailsHD here for a GRAND project! KirbMania 5! Song pack comes with countless classic Kirby songs with incredible difficulty, Note skins, and a plethora of secrets and Easter eggs to find! KirbMania 5 is all made by me, for you.

All things retaining spoilers will be put in a spoiler. Promise.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SONG UPDATES--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

KirbMania 5 currently includes songs from THESE games

Spoiler (click to view)Kirby's Adventure
Kirby Super Star
Kirby's Dream Land 3
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Kirby Canvas Curse
Kirby's Return to dreamland

Secret songs can be found in alternate game modes or require some handy work. Some secret songs aren't even from Kirby!
Current planned secret songs and how to unlock/play them will be updated HERE !!SPOILERS!!

Spoiler (click to view)Drawcia Soul {File editing/edit mode}
Pollyanna (I Believe in you) {File editing/edit mode}
King DeDeDe's theme (Classic) {Doubles}
Run Kirby, Run! (Expert(Rock cover)) {File Editing/edit mode}
Vs. Magolor {Doubles}

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GENERAL UPDATES-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The update log.
I'll make sure to update this when necessary.

Nothing in the update log will contain spoilers.

Spoiler (click to view)
VACATION OVER. Finally I can work on KirbMania after FOREVER. The only problem is that means I have a bunch of catching up, FNaF, editing, and building to do :/ (yeah, I still care about FNaF). The good thing is I still remember how to make SimFiles sooooooo yeah. Now on to updating everything else. Fantastic.

GUESS WHAT. I'm going on vacation. You know what that means: no progress for 3 weeks. Bummer, yes, but I should probably should get outdoors more anyway. Don't expect anything from me for about 3 weeks, mk?

WELP. Today I decided to put my newly acquired DDR pad to use and download some songs to boot. Turns out most of them aren't too pad friendly. So i decided to design my songs around the DDR pad layout, making it possible while not being the jukebox. All of the songs currently finished (and all to come) are possible with a pad, just very difficult for new players. Then again, why are you playing StepMania if you aren't experienced, right? Totally not a newcomer. I have... uhh... *looking through papers* triple As or somthing? Uhhhhh... (Please don't hurt me).

Sorry guys, I had to cut a song. More specifically, C-R-O-W-N-E-D. The BPM was too slow, the steps were SO off, and being my first step ever, it sucked. Taking up golfing isn't helping it either, since it took up most of my time for three days. It's getting cut for now. I'll keep it in the song files if any of you want to play/edit it to your hearts content

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SONG LIST--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What's currently made/being made

Spoiler (click to view)Vs. Magolor
Drawcia Soul

Another Dimension
Green Greens (KRtD)

Youtube (since the "Youtube" function is broken currently)

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ KIRBMANIA OR RIOT ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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