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Most of the vocaloid-engaged stepmania players might already know us, but of course an introduction is in place for those who don't (yet)!
The Vocaloid Collaboration Project packs are a collection of simfiles by everyone, for everyone!
The packs consist of files of all kinds. Pad, keyboard, easy and tougher ones, from pop to rock to house, we never know what the next pack will be like.
Everyone is welcome to submit files and there's plenty of people around to ask for help if any is needed!
We maintain a low acceptance strictness, which means that as long as your file is nicely on sync, it's usually good-to-go. Or at least, close to being good-to-go in our packs :]

We recommend playing the files with either SM5 or SM3.9+ (REDUX).

All of the released main VCP packs so far (click link for thread with download, tracklist and more pack info):
Vocaloid Collaboration Project 1 - VCP 1 preview trailer
Vocaloid Collaboration Project 2 - VCP 2 preview trailer
Vocaloid Collaboration Project 3 - VCP 3 preview trailer
Vocaloid Collaboration Project 4 - VCP 4 preview trailer
Vocaloid Collaboration Project 5
Vocaloid Collaboration Project 6
Vocaloid Collaboration Project 7
Vocaloid Collaboration Project 8
Vocaloid Collaboration Project 9
Vocaloid Collaboration Project 10
Vocaloid Collaboration Project 11
Vocaloid Collaboration Project 12
Vocaloid Collaboration Project 13

Official side-projects:
Vocamania Secret Santa Pack
Vocamania Secret Santa Pack 2

Vocamania Community Fall Pack 2012
Vocamania Community Pack Spring 2013

Interested in submitting files? Or just want to look around, perhaps have a casual chitchat around the forums?
Everyone's welcome:

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Moved to song packs (new forum).

And I happen to have big news to share as well.
VCP 13 has finally been released, after being 'under construction' for so long :D

There's 45 files this time, songlist can be found in the original thread linked in the first post.
Just want to ask. Are the simfiles for pad and for kb mixed in one pack?
Yes, I'm afraid so James, but we have put the playstyle in the subtitle field of the simfiles, to solve majority of the vagueness.
Some simfiles however have both pad AND kb charts mixed in one file, so for those it's a matter of trial and error to find out which charts belong to which style.
Sometimes the ratings may hint at what kind of style it is as well (all charts are rated by NPS).

Future packs should be void of this 'confusion' problem as we're splitting the project into two series of packs, one aimed at pad and the other aimed at keyboard. An appropriate rating system will be used for pad and keyboard charts respectively, so you can easily tell them apart if they're mixed into one simfile.

Hope this answers your question!
I haven't created song packs for along time.....TAT.Most of time I'm making themes.(I spent all my mind on this). a crazy theme collector,I want to ask a question:
Is Vocamania planning to public a customed theme for VM series?XD(like D3NEX,theme+noteskins+songs)
Just a question,don't mind,XD.If so,I'll wait for it!
Contact me!QQ:1030110910/欢迎与我联系,QQ:1030110910
At this moment there are no plans for a Vocamania StepMania theme, as the community does not appear to have the interest, knowledge and resources to create it. I'm sorry if you were hoping for one!
If there will be a theme,please let us know!
And If I released my theme before that,VM may use it as a base theme~\(≧▽≦)/~
Contact me!QQ:1030110910/欢迎与我联系,QQ:1030110910