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Main download:!IgMwhayR!u_xDV4DqCUnY_0ZbzbVFIkuv7W95FbLfDQS74znr-WU (thanks OD!)
(google drive link coming soon!)

Videoless download (no bgvideos, smaller pack size):!NsE31RIb!iExNtvXWaojD7Q0_MwtBA9PcYUaHeRI6q1Ng6Hfr_BY
(google drive link coming soon!)

r21ready (.sm and patched .ogg files only, comes with ITGoggpatch):!RkMXjJRC!yJMNrMAUcwNsNV5qMjTB3zFDA6h7qVJN8440r4jvxb8
(google drive link coming soon!)[/spoiler]

Full Songlist:

Are you l@dy? Wait no that's the original IM@S :V

Anyways, I decided to do this because I've been playing Starlight Stage over the past year and a half (since the game's release). It's a fun game, but it hurts your wallet. I wouldn't recommend it if you only care about the rhythm gaming aspect though, only if you care enough to throw money for idols and stuff :V

The game has some good music though. Though it has some standard idol music stuff, it has some surprisingly good non-standard idol stuff, like Hotel Moonside.

If you're wondering about the songlist, like why there's isn't other really great songs like Love Letter or Saite Jewel, well it's because the songlist was actually already determined quite some time ago and we didn't plan on working on it until the beginning of this year.

This is the first pack I've done to include JACKETS, so now it'll work for those SM5 themes that displays jackets instead of banners :V

Anyways, enough about that and enjoy! This is the first pack where EVERY file has a bgvideo in the main download, which is why it's a big file size. I think the next pack we'll do is a sequel pack about a certain Imperial Fleet...

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