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(NOTE: Lachryma file will work in SM5, but some features may not show up or work properly on it. Play the file in ITG2/OpenITG for the full "experience")

Full download (contains bgvideos):!4wkCUQIB!WodOgHJP9v6gK8gome_i-utiV96jUJBrg60bWQQyiYQ
(Google Drive link coming soon)

Videoless download (no bgvideos, smaller download link):!8k1XRJSA!KdcmL0MCrfGMgORjXnbqzhbvMUXU1sIi4uhuXqGwy3M
(Google Drive Link coming soon)

r21ready download (sm file and ogg file only, for ITG2 r21 cabinets, comes also with ITGoggpatch):!coUE1D6L!_q4uJ2CHGW-vsqBGt755eqK9P5DgxtjS5dFFhR7_YeY
(Google Drive Link coming soon)

Songlist (41 Songs):

Happy early Valentines guys :V

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