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Posted on behalf of macgravel and Tsuka:
vgmp4 teaser

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Get ready, everyone! :D There's a new VGMP coming very soon!!!
I'll edit this post when the download link is available.

Song list (includes, but not limited to):
A Beautiful Day For Golf (MarioNintendo)
Abyss Stage - Phase 3 (cedo)
Airship Stage (cedo)
Alien Lair (MarioNintendo)
Alien's Lair (cerdo_claro)
All Over the World (cerdo_claro)
Angel Island Zone (SSBB Remix) [bmah]
Armor-Plated Armadillo (Nullifidian)
Art Through Adversity (MacGravel)
Ashley's Song [JP] (cedo)
Baba Yetu (hi19hi19)
Balloon Fight Medley (MarioNintendo)
Battle 2 (moches)
Battle! (Ho-oh) (hi19hi19)
Battle! (Legendary Pokemon) (hi19hi19)
Battle! (Lugia) (hi19hi19)
Battle! Deoxys (porkypink)
Battle! Trainer Battle (Flossy)
Betrayal (hi19hi19)
BGM II (Tsuka)
Big Blag's Lair (Tsuka)
Black Rain (MarioNintendo)
Blade's Stage (MarioNintendo)
Blue Field & Catch'em Theme (MarioNintendo & MacGravel)
Boss Theme (wv)
Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything (CyclopsDragon)
Carnival Stage (cedo)
Casino Area (MacGravel)
Ceramic Heart (MarioNintendo)
Chelnov Theme (MarioNintendo)
City (MarioNintendo)
Collision Chaos (Jombo)
Colress Battle (Kommisar)
Commodore (CyclopsDragon)
Cooking with Zess T. (cedo)
Crescent Island Boss Theme (Meno)
Cursed Destiny (MarioNintendo)
Dancing Leaves (cedo)
Dark Demon's Song (MarioNintendo)
Donkey Kong Country Theme (Nullifidian)
Dragon Slayer (dub)
Dream Figure Skating (MarioNintendo)
Dynamite Plant ~ Try Again (bmah)
Escape of the Infidels (hi19hi19 & mina)
Factory Stage (cedo)
Fantastic Theater (Antronach)
Fighting of the Spirit Arrange V2 (Gundam-Dude)
Final Battle! (Rival) (hi19hi19)
Fire Volcano (hi19hi19)
First and Last (Kraezymann)
Flight of the Battery (MacGravel & Tsuka)
Frontier Brain (Scylaax)
Fullmetal Fighter (Kommisar)
Gamma Quadrant (Tsuka)
Gaze Out Over the Sea (Dj_Ossa)
Gear Getaway (MarioNintendo)
Gerudo Valley (Cedolad & MarioNintendo)
Get Jinxed (XelNya)
Go Forth! Great Fox (Ferrari)
Go! Go! Novice Alchemist (Dj_Ossa)
God's Garden (MacGravel)
Goon Twins (Nullifidian)
Grab the Crystal Popcorn! (bmah)
Gradius II NES Medley (JX)
Grannies World Tour (dub)
Ground Theme - Underground Theme (MarioNintendo)
Hard Man's Theme (Tsuka)
High-Speed Beast (hi19hi19)
Home (Pazzaz)
Hope & Joy Peace & Love (MarioNintendo)
Hornet Dance (Tsuka)
I Left My Heart in Rosmarie (RoughSketch Remix fiercest train) (Nullifidian)
Ibitsu Naru Shinen Sono Na Ha Mao (XelNya)
In the Fires of Ignition (hi19hi19)
Inner Goldfield (MarioNintendo)
Jet Set Medley Future (MacGravel)
Johnny C Bad (porkypink)
Jurassic Dope (Jombo)
Kara no Kyoukai (Gundam-Dude)
Kingdom of Devotindos (MarioNintendo)
Krook's March (bmah)
Life Flashing Before Ones Eyes (MarioNintendo)
Lily Islands (bmah)
Luigi's Mansion (MacGravel & Tsuka)
Mag Mount (Choof)
Magical Sound Shower (MarioNintendo)
Main Theme (MarioNintendo)
March of the One Legged Man (James May)
Mario Kart 7 Staff Roll (MarioNintendo)
Mario Paint Medley (MarioNintendo)
Mario Theme (BT REMIX) (wv)
Masquerade of Lies (Detrimentalist)
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure Final Boss (hi19hi19)
Midnight Greenhouse (Tsuka)
Minuit … Fond la Caisse (James May)
Mountain Range (cedo)
NameEntry - 2A03+N106 mix - (Nullifidian)
Naval Battle (Tsuka)
Neko Atsume no Theme (Gundam-Dude)
Niagaro - Water Melody (Tsuka)
Opaque Air V2 (Gundam-Dude)
Operation Intrude (dub)
Over Drive (kommisar & cedolad)
Pancakes (MacGravel)
Pardoner's Dance (XelNya)
Pepperouchau's Adventure (Ferrari)
Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! (hi19hi19)
Pulse ~Elemia Arrange~ (Yesssss)
Rhythm and Balance (bmah)
Ringo's Theme (Kommisar)
River Stage (cedo)
Ruins of the Giant (bmah)
Sally (Select) (MooMoo_Cowfreak)
Samekichi's Resolve (James May)
Shard (Combat) (hi19hi19)
Skate Or Live (Nullidifian)
Skydeck A Go! Go! (Ferrari)
Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans (CyclopsDragon)
Sortie (MarioNintendo)
Splash Down (bmah)
Steel Massimo (Tim)
Sunahara Plains (CyclopsDragon)
Super Smash Bros Melee Theme 8 Bit (hi19hi19)
Swamp Stage (cedolad)
TAKE OFF (MarioNintendo)
Temperance and Vengeance
Temple (MarioNintendo)
The Apparition (cerdo_claro)
The Legend Of Zelda 25th Anniversary Medley (wv)
The Mysterious Murasame Castle (MarioNintendo)
The Valedictory Elegy (hi19hi19)
The Void of Space (MarioNintendo)
Their Own Brand of Justice (FoxX)
Theme of Frank West (Ferrari)
Training Mode v1.5 (ferrari)
Tropic of Capricorn (cerdo_claro)
Truth and Power (MacGravel)
Tube of Medusa (Tsuka)
Twister (porkypink)
Underwater (MarioNintendo)
Underwater BGM (Lofty)
Variations of Castle (Charu & Gradiant)
Volcano - Kamishimo X68000 mix - (Nullifidian)
War Season (dub)
Where You At (MooMoo_Cowfreak)
Wind Waker Unplugged (wv)
Wind-Blooming Mountain (Yesssss)
Wiosna (rCaliberGX)
Work Harder (3-T Scroat)
Yoru no Nikusyokujyo (Jombo)
You're Izayoi (MarioNintendo)
Your Best Nightmare (CyclopsDragon)

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The time has come and... wow... where do I even begin?

Many appear to feel that people like to play video games for enjoyment; whether it to be competitive, be social, or simply pass the time. For others however, they are passion. An escape from reality, or an outlet for their creativity...their imagination.

The Video Game Mega Pack series has been all about people collaborating together in a game they enjoy... to relive their childhood memories, to create and experience their favorite music in a different way, and to challenge themselves. This has been the ultimate point of the VGMP4, and what a grandiose way to do so with 160 files! A massive undertaking, considering every file has been examined, with time and care spent on ensuring the quality of the file was sound with regard to synch, coherence (Did it basically go with the music?), presentation, and fun factor.

We know you have all been waiting for the release of this legendary (nearly mythical creature at this point) pack. It has been over 8 years after all since the release of the last VGMP, with nearly three of those years spent developing this pack...and trust us, we have been more than excited and eager to finally bring this to you! So many changes and exciting innovations have occurred since the release of the original VGMP.

All of us have enjoyed working with the collaborators greatly, having been able to relive the past trying out so many fun files, and be introduced to wonderful new music, and new games as result. Thank you for joining us on this journey. This pack never would have happened without the support and contributions of all of you. The destination may have been reached, but the journey still isn't over!

With all of that being said, we are sure you will find something you enjoy in the Video Game MEGA Pack 4!

But before I can give you that juicy link to the pack, we need to have some fun!


This trophy is awarded to 3-T Scroat for having the most gnarly sack on the face of the planet. You earned it!

This trophy is awarded to Arntonach (Antronach) for helping contribute some graphics! Grats, man!

This trophy is awarded to Kraezymann for helping contribute some graphics! Thanks, dude!

This trophy is awarded to porkypink for helping contribute some graphics! High five, buddy!

This trophy is awarded to rCaliberGX for sending in the easiest file! ZZZzzzzzz!

This trophy is awarded to LoftyRhino for having the most "artistic" file in the pack! Don't forget to inflate those pool floaties before you strut down the street, my hipster friend!

This trophy is awarded to cedolad for stepping the entire (almost) soundtrack to MVC2! You almost had the gold, bro!

This trophy is awarded to dub for creating a simfile shorter than my dick but with a lot more girth! It's not the size of the song, it's how you step it!

This trophy is awarded to James May for getting the first submitted simfile accepted into the pack! This thing was covered in dust!

This trophy is awarded to Nullifidian for having the most artistic file in the pack! Don't forget your hipster glasses on the way out!

This trophy is awarded to wayward vagabond for stepping the longest song in the pack! I put that shit on autoplay, got married, had a kid, made a sandwich, and it still wasn't over!

This trophy is awarded to ~Zero~ for being extremely generous and blessing us with high quality sTePmAniA GFX! There's no telling what kind of GFX we would've had if you didn't step it and close up shop! PHOTOSHOP AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

This trophy is awarded to Jombo for having the most 420 BLAZE IT VAPE NAYSH file in the pack! MUCH WEED, SUCH WOW!

This trophy is awarded to SpoOkyMagician for being the only one on this list to not get a file in the pack! BUT IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO!

This trophy, the one and only Golden Turd is awarded to hi19hi19 & mina for having the hardest most fuck-me-right-in-the-ear-canal-with-a-raging-horse-boner simfile in this stupid pack! Everything about this file screams EAT SHIT AND DIE BITCH! GET THAT GOLD TURD BABY, YOU EARNED THAT SHITTTTT (LITERALLY)!

This trophy, the one and only Golden Trophy is awarded to MarioNintendo for having the highest rated simfile in the pack, Magical Sound Shower! It was a #1 pick from every judge. Everything about this file screams orgasmic orgasms. GET THAT GOLD TROPHY BABY, YOU EARNED THAT SHITTTTT!

Now let's check out the judges top 5, honorable mentions, and judges favorite judge's files!

MacGravel's Top Five
The one and only. The splooshidoblade master himself.

If I could've picked a top 160, trust me, I would have. Every single file in this pack is a gem. Every single person that submitted a file is incredible. Unfortunately, we can only pick a top 5, so after many hours of playing and wittiling the list down, I have chosen what I think is (in my opinion) the best of the best of the best. For my top 5, I picked them based on a few factors: Song choice, how well the chart flows with the song, and fun factor. The combination of these three factors is what draws me in to play these files every time I open Stepmania.

Variations of Castle - Charu & Gradiant
After we opened submissions to this pack, this was the first file to grab my attention, draw me in, and make me orgasm a million times. Song choice is top notch (Godly piano cover of one of my favorite songs from Secret of Evermore; Puppet Show), and the chart flows SO FLAWLESSLY. The way you two capture this song into 4 stupid arrows just blows me away. You capture every change of emotion, and I feel it in me as I play. I remember the first time I played it I had tears in my eyes. You can call me a cucklord, but it's true. This is a masterpiece.

Ending Theme - MarioNintendo
I sent MarioNintendo this song specifically. It's a remix of my all time favroite video game song, the ending credits from Super Mario World. The original song holds so much nostalgia for me it's ridiculous. When I found this jazzy remix, I knew it had to be stepped. I wouldn't dare trust myself to step this song, and so I turned to the one person that I knew, for a fact, would absolutely nail it, and it's MarioNintendo. I'm absolutely honored to have such an awesome and friendly person so willing to step this for me. Absolute perfection.

First and Last - Kraezymann
When I first saw a submission from the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I was prepared for the absolute worst. From what I could remember, the soundtrack was very bland. I hopped into Stepmania and loaded up the song. From the preview alone I knew I was in for a treat. When the file ended, I was absolutely blown away. The way Kraezymann builds the chart up into this flowing, climactic, orgasmic explosive file of fun and pleasure is magnificent. Even in a million years, I would never be able to step this song as flowing and perfect as Kraezymann has.

Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! - hi19hi19
Super smooth, upbeat remix of an incredible song from an incredible series. From the very first note, I'm immediately put into this rhythmatic groove that I can't, and don't want to, shake off. The amount of flow this charts has is breathtaking. You take a very repetitive song and keep it varied enough to keep my dick at a constant erection. The song and chart finally erupt like a volcano, sexy ass keyboard solos and jazzy drums bursting their hot juices all over me, until I also erupt like a volcano. Hot. Sexy. This chart flows like a waterfall and sexes up my ears like a fat kid sexes up a triple chocolate mousse cake. This file leaves me sweaty and ready for more.

Skate or Live - Nullifidian
Right out of the gate, you're smacked square upside the head with the badass music of an incredible band. The chart flows so damn well with the song, you'd swear you were on stage with Anamanaguchi rockin' out with your cocks out. But you're not. Instead you're playing Stepmania, but that doesn't stop me from whippin' out my dingledongle and bouncing to the beat as I slay some arrows.

MacGravel's Judge Picks

Go! Go! Novice Alchemist - Dj_Ossa
Classic Grade A beef from the man himself, Dj_Ossa. Lots of fun packed into this file done like nobody else can. An instant classic that I want to jump into every time I open Stepmania.

Tube of Medusa - Tsuka
Bitchin' song and 4 difficulties so juiced up it'll make your mom wet. Lots of fun and really good progression. You'll noodle your arms so much you'll think you turned into that little bitch squid Medusa. Get in on this file and get you some cuz, you need this in your life.

MacGravel's Honorable Mentions
Spoiler (click to view)Let's be honest, every other file that I didn't choose for my top 5 is an honorable mention! This entire pack is an honorable mention!

Tsuka's Top Five
That's right. Tsuka Bazooka here.

For my top five, I've picked files that I feel perfectly represent the VGMP 4 as a whole. These are files that I literally could NOT have done a better job with myself.

Colress Battle - Kommisar
Legendary stepman Kommisar's stepping style and comfort with tackling awesome video game music is in perfect display with this ridiculously addictive chart. It's Pokemon. It's Hype. It's VGMP4!

Pulse - Yesssss
Beyond anything I could ever do. This file is beautifully stepped and has me in awe every single time I play it.

Shard - Hi19Hi19
Amazing blood pumping DnB that is incredibly hype. It is a staple warm-up song I play any time I load up the VGMP 4.

Volcano - Nullifidian
Art house as fuck; this file literally blew my mind the first time I played it. There's so much I could say about this chart and song, but I'll leave it to you to try it out. This groovy as hell song has also become a staple part of my life's playlist.

Underwater - MarioNintendo
Make no mistake, MarioNintendo is a gem. Almost every single one of MarioNintendo's wonderful files could be a top five in my book, which made choosing between one of his 30 (Including collabs) submissions a daunting task. I just had to select Underwater by Shnabubula as the winner because...not only is it, in my view, perfectly stepped in every way.... it's an amazing song, and it introduced me to a wonderful and talented new artist.

Tsuka's Judge Picks

Just because I selected these as my favorites, do not sleep on their other files! They are all amazing on their own right and are easily my favorites on top of the other top 5's and honorable mentions...But I recommend a personal, special glimpse at these:

Pancakes - MacGravel
Definitely DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS file. The whimsical song and wonderfully flowing chart makes me grin from ear to ear every time I play it. The excellent and hilarious graphics for this file are also a charm. Many laughs were had over this file and it will be one that I will never forget.

Jago [Shakuhachi Remix] - Dj_Ossa
Those who know me personally know that I am also somewhat a Pro-Fighting game player (Specifically Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct). Ossa, somewhat as a favor, stepped this file for me and it is among my favorite sounds from Killer Instinct 2/Gold. His "Freestyle flow" approach to stepping charts is also in perfect display here.

Tsuka's Honorable Mentions
Spoiler (click to view)
These were either contenders for my top five, or top 10 for that matter, or are just simply files that I have a blast playing and recommend you do not sleep on! I find myself coming back to these repeatedly on my play sessions.

Ashley's Song - Cedolad - Wonderfully catchy song, and Cedo was able to nail it. Need I say more?

Blade's Stage - MarioNintendo - DUDE!!! The solo in this song is DIRTY! I have a super soft spot for this file. :3

Commodore - CyclopsDragon - This, and honestly Sunahara Plains, are both awesomely fun and hype songs to play. Great job on these! Same goes for your Undertale files man.

Dancing Leaves - Cedolad - Cave Story 2.0... Damn you for getting this song forever stuck in my head!

Fight of the Spirit - Gundam Dude - It hurt me so much to not put this in my top five... But this is in my top 10 for sure.

Gerudo Valley - Cedolad and MarioNintendo - Hng. Just play it. You'll see why. Also, MacGravel's graphics are super sexy.

Goon Twins - Nullifidian - Really fun, BOSS as hell file.

Gradius 2 Medley - Jimerax - Courtesy of a legendary step-author! This is literally multiple files in one! I loved the time and effort put into this.

Mario Paint Medley - MarioNintendo- Contender for my Top 5.

NameEntry -2A03+N106 mix- - Nullifidian - Brought a tear to my eye. Another contender for my top was either between this or Volcano, actually, haha.

Nemesis Ba'al Theme - Xelnya - Holy shit this file took me by complete surprise. I had five stars next to this to mark it down as a top five contender hahahahaha. Great work on this! Creative, fun, and challenging!

Rhythm and Balance - Bmah - There are soooo many files of yours I love actually haha. This one impressed me overall just because this was in my WIPS for the longest time, but I never in my life got around to finishing it. Great job on this one.

Ruins of the Giant - God damn this file and song is so fucking cool. Everyone needs to play this! A top 10 contender haha.

Sally (Select) - MooMoo_Cowfreak - Such an amazing song!! HNNNGGGG!!!! GAH!!! MacGravel knows how much I love this song lmfao. I hum it all the time. This song has a really great beat and I'm happy you sent this one in. It's a very short and sweet file. May be over layered for some, but for me this definitely hits my sweet spot.

Sortie - MarioNintendo - No one should sleep on this file either (Or any MarioNintendo file for that matter). This file is a BLAST to play.

Staff Credits - MarioNintendo- Top five contender haha. You sent in too many great files, dammit!

Theme of Frank West - Ferrari- All of your submissions were gems, but this one in particular is a fun as hell, wacky file that really shows off your creativity. Good stuff!

War Season - dub - This could be a top 10 contender for me haha. It's an extremely challenging file for a really awesome song. It also introduced me to the game, Lisa. Love it!

Where You At - MooMoo_Cowfreak - Wowwww! This was seriously a top 5 contender for me! Great job on this!

Ossa's Top Five
The man, the myth, the legend... is it DJ or JD? The world may never know...

For my top five, I just picked shit that was hella fun swag to the max 420 VAPE NAYSH

Airship Stage - cedo
Ok so this file is amazing. The song is amazing and the pacing and stepping style just makes me feel warm inside (sploosh). One of the things that I got out of this pack is the fact that cedolad is one of my favourite simfile artists. With all his files being amazing, Airship Stage defines his style and reaches the top of my list.

Name Entry - Nullifidian
This song is amazing. They way the song constantly progresses and evolves into something completely different and new was perfectly captured by Nullifidian in this file. Love the progression, love the simplicity and complexity that is experienced as you go through the file. Excellent!

Staff Credits - MarioNintendo
Dear MarioNintendo, thank you for introducing me to your files through this pack. You have, without a doubt, become my favourite simfile artist. Staff Credits embodies everything that makes your files amazing: Amazing song choices, incredible syncronization, and the mastery required to successfully take layering to the next level. Your files nevery feel crowded, yet they are perfectly developed. Thank you for your contributions to this pack. It would not be the same without you.

Johnny C Bad - porkypink
porkypink: This is your masterpiece. It has been very interesting to see you evolve as a simfile artist over the years this pack has been in production. The quality of your material has reached a point that not only is worthy of mention, but it has become a favourite style of mine. The layering in this file, along with the amazing use of colour theory, makes Johnny C. Bad an amazing file. Keep up the good work.

Betrayal - hi19hi19
Ever since I played this file, I fell inlove with it. It is a mixture of old school stream files, crazy solos, and amazing layering selection. Thank you for making this file.

Ossa's Judge Picks


Temperance & Vengeance - Tsuka
Tsuka aka DigitalSeraph aka Breekan: Temperance is such a fun and amazing file. The song is amazing and the pacing is spot on. Needless to say, it was an amazing experience.

Casino Area - MacGravel
MacGraveru-Sempai: GG. 10/10 IGN
This file, aside from maybe Goblinz, is the most entertaining and replayable file you've ever made. It makes my vagina tickle.

Ossa's Honorable Mentions
Spoiler (click to view)Vape Nation is the only honorable mention

Look at these sick ass banners


Mediafire Mirror!

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