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Welp, looks like i forgot to release my latest pack here, but oh well...

This pack only works for SM5.
So, I decided to release all my simfiles that i made recently or in the past. So here's a pack with all my simfiles in it.
Most of them are modded simfiles, and that's how I got the name (LOL). There's 22 songs in this pack.

Here's the songlist (Bolded Names = Modded) (Italic Names = Collabs) :
Spoiler (click to view)1. -44river (-45)
2. Bass Slut(X-FIRE Remix) (S3RL)
3. Battle Aganist a True Hero (Toby Fox)
4. BIG BILL (Blargafiggle)
5. BLACK LAMP (SD-501)
6. Complete Domination (Perturbator) {Lua Remake}
7. crazy_tek (p*light)
8. Everybody Dance (Dancefloor Kingz vs. AleX Tune 2015)
10. Guchagucha Coke Screw (t-pazolite)
11. Invincible (DEAF KEV)
12. JonJonTronTron (Blargafiggle)
13. Lunar (Virtual Riot)
14. Million Voices (Otto Knows)
15. Morning Heights (Bentobox & Pendarr)
16. Preset Junkies (Virtual Riot)
17. Press Start (MDK)
18. Rainbow Road (nanobii)
19. Super Mario Bros' - 8-bit Remake (VGMusic's PJ Barnes & SpoOkyMagician)
20. The God of Melodicspeedmetal (Azuma Ruriko)
21. Uno (DJ PON3)
22. Zombie Shooter OST ~ Action {01} (Sigma Team)

Anyways, here's the download link (99 MB):

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