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Main download! (big file size, contains bgvideos, graphics, everything):!t9NCTQRA!8aYqcZCH-uFS4IToyNOj66hJ3F-BzB7FfbcSZz8Z9_Q

Videoless download (Much smaller file size, no bgvideos):!Q8VlFQxQ!J5svNKJZGOnr299DuZ0TzlZudsjhRyxITGr4SVO0j-I

ITG2 r21 ready: (only .sm and .ogg files, fully patched):!ho8RnLKY!N3xcYm_J3vIi1vX0YSbo9zTso8JSHrB4DId-FPTsi4I


Huge shoutouts to CondorTalon for co-hosting this pack with me once again, and shoutouts to everyone that submitted, even if your files didn't get accepted.

Next year I plan to take a break from BOTH Touhou Pad Pack and Vocaloid: Project Pad Pack series. I want to focus on GPOPS III as well as K-shoot MANIA projects for now. Kancolle: Padcolle 2 is planned as well but I'm gonna try to get it done over the summer. It's really more of a side-project pack thing to me.

Anyways, for now, enjoy! The main download is ENORMOUS though so if you don't care about the bgvideos, you can download the pack without em instead since it is substantially smaller in file size :V

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Just wanted to say I love this pack. It's getting a TON of play time. Great job!