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shakesoda please send me your email address or some other way that I`ll be able to contact you to my email address:
I want some help with my pads.

Thanks a lot!

Unless they are arcade pads I probably can't offer much help (not more than you'd get by asking in the input/controllers section, at least)
Is it sad that I still play on 3.9? I fell in love with 3.9, and now I can't move on :'(. HEEEEEELP!!!
When in doubt...drink coffee!
When in a barrel roll!
When in happiness..."NAILED IT!"
When in cocaine!
Use Stepmania 5 c:
It's not too different from 3.9 (from what I've read, at least) and it's actually better than 3.9 in edit mode (again, from what I've read, I have no personal experience)
<YungDaVinci> but what does it mean
<YungDaVinci> what is kyzentun
<Kyzentun> It means Kyzentun.
<Jousway> what the fuck is a Kyzentun
Any update on the Linux build yet?
I'm curious about this too. Never had too much luck with compiling SM5 on Linux (can get it to compile, but videos would either just not work, or would cause SM5 to crash after song completion).
but videos would either just not work, or would cause SM5 to crash after song completion).
The ffmpeg related changes that were causing the crashes that I saw were reverted, so try again with the tip of the repository.
< cybik> til Kyzentun fixes bugs for breakfast
< maxvg1> shakesoda: then why do i still play lol
<@shakesoda> because you're an ITG player. And thus, a masochist
<@shakesoda> Kyzentun: I think you might need to put down the meshes for a bit
Bravo @shakesoda for putting this together!
Please help me!
I have 2 DDR mats and i have never had any problems when connecting them to my computer, but when i tried to update my Stepmania beta 5a to beta 2 or 3 the game doesn`t recognize anymore my mats (although my computer does), i tried that on WIN 7 and also on WIN 8 and there was the same problem, please tell me what to do do.
Note: my mats worked on all Stepmania versions prior to Stepmania 5 beta 2.
Thanks :)

The pad code was upgraded to a more recent version of DirectX in beta 2... do you know what kind of pads they are, exactly? Some pads still aren't recognized but I don't have any which don't work, so it's hard to fix.

I have the exact same problem. They work on Stepmania 4, but not in Stepmania 5 (beta 3 at least).
I have the old Cobalt Flux pads (bought in 2005 and they still work fine) with Trio Linker Plus adapters made by EMS (

Is there anything you need to know to troubleshoot the issue? I can provide whatever is needed.