Hey guys im getting back into stepmania itg again i really need a good pad i wish i could just buy a arcade pad froma machine online somewhere but it seems like nobody is selling good metal pads anymore which idk why there's a big market for it everyone says the precision dance pads are great but idk if i wana invest 350 into a non hard pad is it really worth it?
i found a cobalt flux for 250 used on ebay is it worth it? iv never tried one
they're nothing compared to an actual arcade pad but still get the job done. No bar though and anything beyond playing in socks makes it hard to tell where your feet are on the pad itself.

$200-250 is pretty norm for it nowadays

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on another note i have a red octane soft pad that came with my itg for ps2 i want to soft mod it with wood iv seen a guy on youtube use pexiglass which seemed stronger and could use shoes but most use a vinyl cover with plywood under which is best to have the best response i cant find a tutorial with the ones with pexiglass im not very resourceful so ill really need the exact details lol
there are a few known ones such as the impulse platforms the problem with those is theyre not released
there are the omega gx pads but those have very mixed reviews where some people have great experiences with them some not
the cobalt flux ive heard are the best of the best the problem is finding one (at least for me)
ddr game ones ive been told are complete crap also they only have a 1 month warranty so that is not good
really the main ones are impulse when they get released, cobalt flux if you find them, and omega gx but these pads are again very mixed some people hate them some love them
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