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I try to install StepManic V5.0 beta 4 and start it....

and I see this error Message...

Step Mania has crashed

StepMania has crashed. Debugging information has been output to

/Users/ijungbin/Library/Logs/StepMania 5/crashinfo.txt

Please file a bug report at

and in crashedinfo.txt

StepMania v5.0 beta 4 crash report (build 7, Tue Sep 30 18:40:45 EDT 2014 @ )

Architecture: Mac OS X (i386)
Crash reason: Segmentation fault - address not mapped at 0x00000004
Crashed thread: Main thread

Thread: GUI thread
Thread: Main thread
Thread: Decode thread

Thread: Main thread
95a6bff6: CFRunLoopAddObserver (CoreFoundation)
004b5775: RageSoundDriver_AU::Init()
004c7da3: RageSoundDriver::Create(StdString::CStdStr<char> const&)
000192ff: RageSoundManager::Init()
000dd9cf: SM_main
004a163b: -[SMMain startGame:]

Static log:
StepMania v5.0 beta 4
Compiled Tue Sep 30 18:40:45 EDT 2014 @ (build 7)
Log starting 2014-10-19 22:37:00
Loading window: macosx
Model: MacBookAir6,2 (4/4)
Clock speed 1.70 GHz
Mac OS X 10.10
Memory: 8.00 GB
WARNING: ReadFile(Save/ThemePrefs.ini): No such file or directory
Language: ko
Theme: default

Partial log:
00:00.178: FlashyCombo doesn't exist, creating
00:00.178: AutoSetStyle doesn't exist, creating
00:00.178: ComboOnRolls doesn't exist, creating
00:00.178: LongFail doesn't exist, creating
00:00.178: GameplayShowStepsDisplay doesn't exist, creating
00:00.178: FancyUIBG doesn't exist, creating
00:00.178: ComboUnderField doesn't exist, creating
00:00.178: Loading "/Themes/default/Scripts/03 Gameplay.lua" ...
00:00.178: Loading "/Themes/default/Scripts/04 Other.lua" ...
00:00.219: Starting thread: Decode thread

-- End of report

I already try to reinstall and install other versions...(but it's same)

before the Yosemite... in Maverick it work fine...

what happend?

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It hasn't worked in Yosemite for a while (I've been running the Yosemite Beta for the past several months).