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I've loaded Stepmania 5 Beta 3 on windows 7 installed in program files.

I have installed some songs successfully with .SMZIP like foon mix and itg these work with no problem.

But stepmania will not detect other folders like R21 Freak and Hard songs folder downloaded from

Once download from the web i extract it into song folder when i start stepmania reads all folders but does not show them in game but shows my .SMZIP song packs.

I have checked that they are placed correctly in the right folder several times and tried reinstalling stepmania and other versions like 3.9 and i get the same problem

I have working Themes, Announcers and back ground videos all currently working

Also tried the fast load option and this hasnt worked

i have been a user of stepmania since 2004 and had no problems up untill now plese help : )
I'm having the same issue - some of the packs are loading ok (ITG for example) but all my community, tourney, sharpnel packs etc are nowhere to be seen. They all worked on my old PC but now I have a new PC and copied everything over and this is happening :(

Strange that some folders work but most of them don't, they were fine on my old computer.

When you boot the program it does quickly flicker over all the folder pack names but i dont think its loading the songs as it goes way to fast...

Did you fix this issue?