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I've loaded Stepmania 5 Beta 3 on windows 7 installed in program files.

I have installed some songs successfully with .SMZIP like foon mix and itg these work with no problem.

But stepmania will not detect other folders like R21 Freak and Hard songs folder downloaded from

Once download from the web i extract it into song folder when i start stepmania reads all folders but does not show them in game but shows my .SMZIP song packs.

I have checked that they are placed correctly in the right folder several times and tried reinstalling stepmania and other versions like 3.9 and i get the same problem

I have working Themes, Announcers and back ground videos all currently working

Also tried the fast load option and this hasnt worked

i have been a user of stepmania since 2004 and had no problems up untill now plese help : )

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There are a few things that could possibly be causing this problem; I'll address each here.

1: For Windows Vista and newer, StepMania 5 should not be installed to Program Files, but, rather to somewhere in your user profile. Your Desktop or your Documents folders are both acceptable examples. This isn't currently documented anywhere on the site, but it should be, soon! (Thank you for helping us realize this.)

2: In StepMania 5, content should not be installed directly into the application folder as it was in SM3.9. Any content you install yourself should now reside in %appdata%\StepMania 5.0 as documented here:

bonus points: StepMania 5 beta 4 was just released today. You should check that out. :)

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Thanks for you reply Ive have formated my computer and installed stepmania on my Main hard drive saved in doucuments. I am still having the same problems

Songs loaded in c:\users\s111ha\appdata\roaming\stepmania5\songs and the os is Win 7 64bit.

Anymore clues...
So, for example, the path to the ogg file for a song that isn't loading is like this (omitting the part before Songs):
"Songs/R21Freak/Cactus/Cactus.ogg" and the sm file for that song is at "Songs/R21Freak/Cactus/".
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Yes thats correct but does not show in game
I'm having a similar problem, but with OSX (10.9/Mountain Lion). Once I got into the proper folder I was able to copy-paste my package/song files, but none of them load when I open the StepMania program. StepMania used to be so much less cumbersome than this! I've been using it since 2006 without a problem, until upgrading my computer's OS rendered the old version incompatible. Very disappointing, as I have no other platform to use with my dance pad. :/