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I've been working with StepMania now for several hours and I can't seem to get an audio driver to load in Fedora 20. I get the following error:

Couldn't load driver OSS: RageSoundDriver_OSS: ALSA detected.  ALSA OSS emulation is buggy; use ALSA natively.

Sound driver: Null

The only thing I've done that relates to OSS is to mount /dev/dsp with the snd_pcm_oss module. I get another error without that device. Can anyone give me some advice?

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At a guess, you probably built without ALSA support because you forgot to install the Fedora package for the ALSA development headers.
I don't have Fedora, so I have no idea what they might have named the package. Search for packages related to ALSA and look for one that includes development headers.

(I'm on Debian)
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