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So here's the story: I have a Stepmania computer I use for an anime convention. Through some events I can't recall the audio sync got so out of whack that I couldn't fix it. I tried uninstalling SM and reinstalling SM, figuring that should blow away the bad setting, but now it's claiming it can't find d3dx9_43.dll now. I checked the various directories on my computer and that file is still there from the first time I installed SM. Just for good measure I copied it into SM's directory itself, but it's still saying it can't find the dll file. The error message suggests uninstalling and reinstalling SM, but I tried that to no avail.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
Never mind, I got it. The file was copied to the root directory where there was a shortcut to SM, not the directory with SM itself. Now for the next question...