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Hi all,
I want to ask if it's possible enabled stepmania to "catch" the arrows notes automatically even if the corrisponding arrow is already pressed.
For example if I press the up and down arrow, all notes up and down are automatically catched without the need to press at the right timing.

I ask this question because I want to develop a custom pad where it's difficult to know when the user release and press the same arrow so probably it remain pressed and I want that the program catch the notes of that arrow anyway, unless it completely release the button.

There is such function or there is an easy way to implement it?
The problem with that idea is that it would make the game easy to cheat at. Just press all arrows the beginning and keep them held, and you automatically win. That seems like bad game design.

Player.cpp has all the code for judging the notes.
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I'm really confused what purpose this idea would serve other than like maybe testing stuck sensors in a pad (even then it's obvious when that happens)

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