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Using Kubuntu 15.10 - Running Stepmania version 5.0.10. Installed Stepmania through the PPA, everything works as expected other than screen flashes and pops when using full-screen, but that's a different issue entirely.

I cannot connect to any server for Stepmania Online gameplay, even the most recommended server "". I've followed guides, registered an account on the aforementioned site, made profile in-game with that same username, set it as player 1, pressed "connect" in-game, entered the aforementioned server address (as well as others) and all I get is a black screen.. For some servers I get a "can not connect" (or something along those lines) instead of a black screen. I've tried reinstalling as well to no avail.

I'm frustrated and any help would be incredibly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Last edited: 30 January 2016 6:32pm