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Hey there.

So I've started my 4k mania career in osu! quite a while ago but I kinda want to play other mania games like StepMania! since there are a ton of unique maps that the SM community has to offer.
The only thing that is kinda throwing me off is that there are no hitsounds in SM.
I'm just so used to having hitsounds that playing without them makes my accuracy go poop for some reason.
And don't even get started with that stupid assist clapping that plays even if you don't hit a note. That stuff throws me off even more.
Learning how to play without them is not an option because I play osu!mania a lot more and hitsounds kinda add a nice flavor to a lot of maps.

So yeah, is there a way to add hitsounds that play whenever you hit a key?

Thanks in advance!

Last edited: 28 January 2016 3:00pm