Forums » General Questions » I can't seem to figure out how to add songs?? Help?

I've downloaded the game but there's only three songs. I looked on in a previous thread with the same problem but the directions were complicated for me and I got frustrated..

Can someone tell me how to add songs using refular English haha, I can't understand all the abbreviations. Thanks!!
I am guessing the abbreviation you do not understand is the windows environment variable %appdata% .

You can read about it here: linky to description of appdata

This would mean the folder you need to put the songs in would be C:/Users/{username}/AppData/Roaming/StepMania 5.0/Songs/ . Replace {username} with your username.

If you don't use windows, you don't need that pain and can ignore it.

If there are other abbreviations you don't understand - please ask about them specifically.